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Dragon Age Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon review

Jaws of Hakkon is recommended for players already at level 20 and up, which is where the game's current soft level cap will have already started to slow your progress, and it is clear from the difficulty of enemies you face that this is designed to be a very late or post-game experience. The add-on's ending boss fights are a particular challenge, and force you to juggle confined spaces, spawning mobs and a debilitating status effect.

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Battlefield Hardline review

We've already taken a look at Hardline's campaign, so won't be wasting any more time on it for this review. Suffice to say, for all its TV cop show presentation, it's a disappointingly linear, limited and lifeless effort that favours clunky stealth over full-blooded action. In order to earn a stack of bonus Battlepacks for use in the real meat of the game, at best, you'll hammer through it: multiplayer.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD review

Such is the quandary at the heart of every long-running game series. Type- HD bears all the hallmarks of a game simultaneously keen to escape its past while being forced to embrace its heritage. At its best, it's a fine, smartly-paced action-RPG with thrilling combat mechanics that just happens to be a better fit for a handheld than a home console. But, crucially, it represents a promise unkept: this isn't so much a blend of new ideas, more a melange of existing ones. Type- is more often a false dawn, though it may have been conceived as a fresh start for Final Fantasy.

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Destiny has more than 16 million users

Destiny has more than 16 million registered users to date, Activision announced in a new earnings report.

While that doesn't exactly cover sales (as multiple folks in the same household can play from the same disc), it does give us a rough idea as to its success. The publisher also noted that it was the top-selling new IP in video game history.

Comparatively, Hearthstone has more than 25 million registered players.

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Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer

The story of how Peter Molyneux got his big break in the games industry is revealing. After his first game The Entrepreneur failed to sell, Molyneux gave up on games and started exporting baked beans to the Middle East. Soon afterwards Commodore, confusing Molyneux's company Taurus with a networking company called Torus, flew him to the States and mistakenly offered him ten brand-new Amigas.

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