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Hearthstone expansion Blackrock Mountain out next week


Hearthstone expansion Blackrock Mountain comes out next week, Blizzard has announced.
It is survive Android, iPad, Mac and Windows tablets on 2nd April from the Americas area, and Third Apr in Korea, Europe, China and Taiwan.

The rollout starts off with the making in the initially wing, Blackrock Depths.

To obtain the Molten Primary greeting card back you must pre-find the whole ?ê17.49 journey without having-of-activity foreign currency: outdated-created actual life dollars, iTunes harmony or Yahoo Play harmony. If you want that card back, the pre-purchase period ends when Blackrock Mountain goes live, so get your skates on.

The dragon-designed Blackrock Mountain / hill growth contributes 31 new charge cards to the online game, a few in which Blizzard just disclosed.

Volcanic Drake is really a 6/4 for half a dozen mana dragon school credit card that costs one mana a lot less for every single minion that passed away this transform.

If your opponent has 15 or less health, Drakonid Crusher is a 6/6 for six mana dragon class card whose Battlecry sees it gain 3 / 3.