bloons tower defense 5 unblocked & hacked

Bloons tower defense 5 is a very popular Tower defense game. As a tower defense game, the design of BTD is extremely ingenious and clever. What is more, it contains all elements of tower defense game. Without doubt, this series tower defense game has a lot of faithful game player.

Bloons tower defense game is now in its sixth generation. When you are playing bloon tower defense 5 unblocked , you need place the little monkey in the right place so that it could stop balloons rushing into your base. Yes, that is true, your enemies are actually just balloons. Although we don't understand why such small balloons could cause great harm, you have to blow them off. The little monkey equips with different weapons which is ranging from needle tubing, sniper rifle to cannon. The difficulty level depends on the color and speed of balloons. Balloons will fly faster and faster, they are becoming increasingly difficult to burst.

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