Electric Man 2 : unblocked hacked

There is no doubt now Electric Man is quite a popular fighting game. However, players are quite wanting to have a taste of new game in this series and would happily play Electric Man 3. Why not? Do you love the original game? It's a pure fighting game with lot of actions going on and many different moves player could carry out so it is safe to believe that if you are fan of this series, you will like the previous one. However, everyone agrees that there are certain problems in the original and that there are a lot of change that could be improve the game better in the newest installment.

Amongst other things, players have asked for more battle moves, special combos and advanced moves that the player can make. These are expected to be followed by better, improved graphics that include substantially improved video effectsand audio.

Play Electric Man 2 : unblocked hacked below:

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