Electric Man 3 : unblocked

Electric Man 3 has arrived . The previous game was rather fun and offered many great moves, kicks and power grabs and throws. However, it really lacked "story" and after some time it became quite simple. You could fight in rounds against the Frozen, the Pyromaniacs, the Plagues and so on, but when you had beaten the game there was nothing much to do than replay all levels again, That is not amusing.
So far as character personalization goes it really wasn't great either. At the beginning of the game you can some basic changes to your character's profile like change his main color and name. That's about it as much as the previous Electric Man game goes. Next one, however, we are expecting to see some more options relevant to the progress of your main character. It would be cool if he could gain experience and level up through the game and then you could increase his stats and get some new moves. Hopefully, the creators of this game will reflect on this problem and surprise us with a great, new Electric Man 3 game!

And play Electric Man 2 below: