happy wheels unblocked hacked game


Happy wheels is a pretty distinctive side scroller game. You will control different characters to complete the mission. Normally, you could have a vehicle, such as wheelchair, bicycle, electric self-balancing vehicle or a automobile. But these vehicles make game more difficult instead of decreasing the difficulty level of game. For it is similar to qwop, these vehicles are easily out of control.

So what is the distinctive feature of this game? Or in another words what is the charm of this game? The answer is it is extremely bloody! Maybe you cannot believe such a small game could be so bloody. In the game happy wheels demoļ¼Œthe character your are playing will have severe harm as long as him knocks the ground, ceiling, wall or any barrier. Guess what will happen? You will see your legs badly mutilated, your arms broken and flied away, what is more your head will be smashed to pieces. Your whole body will be crushed into pieces by trunk and the body pieces splatter all over the ground. If you do think this scene is exciting and interestingļ¼Œthis game suits you best!

play happy wheels unblocked here:

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