Johnny Upgrade unblocked / hacked


Johnny Upgrade is a very distinctive flash game. The strategy of this game is similar to Super Mario. The biggest difference between Johnny Upgrade and Super Mario is the main character. The character of this game is totally a loser. He cannot run fast or jump high. What is worse, one game just last three seconds. The limited time is also the feature of Johnny Upgrade.You must collect gold coins to improve your skills. So that your character will run faster and faster´╝î jump higher and higher. Then learn some special skills. You need use gold coins to increase the game time, so that character you controlled can run further. The humanization design is also a light spot of this game. As you concerned, the character's death is inevitable in a game. Although the character is dead, the gold coins you win in the game will preserve fortunately.

Plus more, At the very beginning, the characters cannot merely move one step, you need one gold coin to improve movement ability, then you can play this game.

play johnny upgrade unblocked here: