Stick RPG 2 unblocked

Stick RPG 2 ,the second generation of Stick RPG series. The original Stick RPG 1 was based upon upping stats while meeting milestones . The original one was quick and easy , but rather simple. It was beatable within around 4 hours, though most players would play the game again and again due to its addictive nature. Now there is a new generation of the game, and of couse it's better than the first one. Stick RPG 2 put player in a new world, with a lot of different jobs to choose, three whole blocks and new events that happen more often than in the original game. The game is still addictive and as interesting and fun as always.

Three maps allow players to visit other city, and city blocks within these worlds contain many features, including casinos, food jobs, gyms, bars, stores and much more. There are extra quests for each world that are challenging and involved, making the game more interesting than the first generation. The dialog helping players to proceed through quests. It is simple to constantly look at your stats with the click of a mouse too.

Advancing the story is simpler than before thanks to a new feature that allows us to click on Easter Eggs scattered throughout each world. By clicking the eggs, it is possible to get instructions or hints on get to the level and proceeding to the next. Money earned during game is held in the game's banking system and is compounded daily. It's fun and challenging to become a Stick RPG 2 tycoon and rule all of the worlds in the game. This new game is far more difficult and involved than the original game, but also has a lot more fun. Play Stick RPG 2 today to join in the fun.

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