super fighter unblocked and hacked


Super Fight is a interesting battle game. The most interesting part of it is the rich and colorful content. You must control your character to  beat the opponent through a variety of violent means. Direction keys is used to control move. Press N key to throw a punch or kick, Press M key to use weapon.

In super fighters, there are many weapons in the map, such as pistol, machine gun,antitank grenade or even some more weapons of mass destruction. There are many choices for you, you can rush into your enemy, give him give bashes and kicks, or you can find the weapon then begin a long distance kill shot.What’s more , you can explode rival’s oil drum so that explode his to dead.

Of course, this game support double battle. But one thing need to be mentioned,you need control your temper, even though you are defeated in the game, please do not beat your friends sit behind you.

play super fighter unblocked here: