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Warhammer 40K: Regicide is Battle Chess with Chainswords


unblocked hacked game

QWOP unblocked hacked

Qwop is a ragdoll-based Flash games created by Bennett Foddy , in the game you play as competitor. who is taking part in a 100-meter event at Olympic. And you using only the Q, W, O, and P keys to run . players must control the movement of the player's legs to make character run forward and trying to avoid falling over. The Q and W keys drive of runner's each thighs, and the O and P keys move the runner's calves.

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Stick RPG 2 unblocked

Stick RPG 2 ,the second generation of Stick RPG series. The original Stick RPG 1 was based upon upping stats while meeting milestones . The original one was quick and easy , but rather simple. It was beatable within around 4 hours, though most players would play the game again and again due to its addictive nature. Now there is a new generation of the game, and of couse it's better than the first one.

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Electric Man 3 : unblocked

Electric Man 3 has arrived . The previous game was rather fun and offered many great moves, kicks and power grabs and throws. However, it really lacked "story" and after some time it became quite simple. You could fight in rounds against the Frozen, the Pyromaniacs, the Plagues and so on, but when you had beaten the game there was nothing much to do than replay all levels again, That is not amusing.

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Electric Man 2 : unblocked hacked

There is no doubt now Electric Man is quite a popular fighting game. However, players are quite wanting to have a taste of new game in this series and would happily play Electric Man 3. Why not? Do you love the original game? It's a pure fighting game with lot of actions going on and many different moves player could carry out so it is safe to believe that if you are fan of this series, you will like the previous one. However, everyone agrees that there are certain problems in the original and that there are a lot of change that could be improve the game better in the newest installment.

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Return Man 4 linebacker - unblocked

Return Man 4 - Linebacker , is the awesome game to Return Man 3 the season, also made by ESPN. With same simple controls, as opposed to you in the offensive position, this game made you as defense, stopping the attacker from touch your touchdown line.
In Return Man 4, your task is to break the blockers and tackle the incoming running back as he makes his way towards your touchdown line. Like its predecessor, you use the I, J, K,L keys to run, and A, S, D keys to make your special moves. You earn more points the further to yard line , so you need to tackle him as soon as possible without getting tackled by blockers.

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Return Man 3 unblocked hacked

Return Man 3 , a flash game made by ESPN .The game enables players to enjoy American football games. it's like you're handling your favored NFL quarterback straight from your home. The idea of the game is; you must get your player to the yellow circle in the game. In the mean time, you need to avoid the other players . If they catch you, the game is over.

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