How to Avoid Injury During Exercise?


Exercising can be a lot of fun or boring, depending on how you do it. But one thing that is common in all cases is the fear of injury during the exercises. Even the regular gym lovers are careful and wary of getting hurt while exercising.

In this post, let us take a look at how you can avoid injuries during exercise.

  • Wear the right clothes/ shoes
    • If you are exercising outdoors or going on a run, having the right kind of shoes is crucial about how our feet will take the pressure applied to them.
    • Dress in comfortable clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose. Allow your body to breathe and sweat out.
  • Warm-Up
    • For any exercise, no matter even if it is for just 10 minutes, a warm-up is necessary. Do not directly start lighting weights or doing crunches.
    • Gradually, let the body get used to the physical activity by starting with simple warm-up exercises. Finishing exercising by performing cool-down exercises to relax the muscles.
  • Smart Training
    • Over-exercising is one of the major reasons for injuries during the exercises. Joint pain in knee is a result of exercising and putting extra pressure on the body than it is capable of handling.
    • Because you could do 20 squats in 10 minutes the previous day, it doesn’t mean you will have to do the same today. Let the body get used to it. Your energy levels differ from one day to another.
  • Hydrate and eat healthy food
    • Being hydrated is essential when working out. The body gets drained of the water content leaving you feeling weak, tired, and even dizzy.
    • Sip little amounts of water periodically all day long to stay hydrated. Talk to your trainer or the dietician and include protein, fiber, and multivitamin into your daily intake.
  • Cross Train
    • Do not stick to the same exercises every day. Change the routine, try new exercises. This will not only keep the workout interesting, but it will give the muscles a break from the same pattern of exercises. It also increases the fat-burning metabolism in the body.
  • Find a Trainer
    • Find a trainer who will guide you to exercise the right way. A wrong posture, movement, or an extra stretch can cause harm to the body. Joint pain in knee is caused by following the wrong postures which restrict the movement of the knees or adds additional pressure on them.
  • Rest and Recover
    • Always listen to your body. Feeling a little sore and relaxed is a good sign. But, if you feel sore and uncomfortable, if the body continues to ache long afterwards, it means that you need to rest.

Take a day off every week to ensure that the body gets enough rest. The human body needs to gather strength before it can get back to lifting weights.

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