10 Vastu Factors to Consider For Your Duplex Flat in Mumbai


As homeowners, you always try to bring pleasure and abundance into your home and keeping it clean and clutter-free is a major priority. To encourage greater positivism, you must get rid of all broken items that have lost their value from your home.

Your household will function more peacefully and clearly in a well-organised home, which is why Vastu is so important. Looking for proper directions and corners while renting or buying a house can bring you good luck and success. Here are 10 Vastu factors to consider for your duplex flat in Mumbai.

Vastu aspects that you should not miss

1) The shape of your duplex flat: Avoid choosing flats with unusual shapes and go instead for square or rectangular structures.

2) Direction: Avoid renting duplex flats in Mumbai that face a huge body of water to the south or west.

3) The entrance of your duplex flat: If your apartment’s entrance faces South or West of the South-West corner, bad luck will find you. Apartments facing the South are always seen to be terrible from a Vastu perspective. However, the ideal entrance orientations are East and North-East, which are said to bring luck and positivity.

4) Main door and walls: The main door of your duplex flat in Mumbai should face either the wall’s North or East and be in the northeast direction. Apartments with east-facing walls are thought to have the best Vastu. Make sure your door doesn’t open in front of the elevator.

5) Kitchen: The kitchen of your duplex flat in Mumbai should ideally face East rather than the front door, to foster good luck and create a positive vibe.

6) Direction of lawns and pumps: You must look for duplex flats in Mumbai in the northeast corner of the building that has lawns, pumps, and bore wells.

7) Direction of your balcony:Vastu advises against renting or purchasing an apartment if it has balconies facing south or west directions.

8) For frequent travellers: If you want to travel frequently, look for the following:

  • West-facing apartments with a covered boundary wall
  • East or North-East have a lot of open space
  • When the property descends from the south-west to the north-east

9)Direction of watchman’s cabin: If security is your top priority, make sure the watchman’s cabin is located somewhere other than the northeast corner of the apartment complex.

10) Number of doors and windows in your duplex flat: Examine the apartment’s windows and doors before you buy them. Are the numbers even? If so, the next step is to determine whether all of the doors open inwards. If so, this will store good energy rather than let it out.

Some other crucial concepts worth noting

Fixing a house’s orientation is the most important regulation to follow when building it, according to the Vastu philosophy. Eight possible orientations for a house include the four cardinal directions and the four corner directions. True North, East, South, and West are the four cardinal directions. North-East, South-East, South-West, and North-West are the corner directions.

Vastu considers all 8 of these home positions to be facing Brahmasthanam. These directions are given about this focal point, known as Brahmasthanam. The ‘Yoni numerals’ (1 to 8) are used to identify these positions, which are regarded as the “birthplace” or “place of origin” of the home. Thus, the Yoni is a sign that indicates where the home is, in relation to the Brahmasthanam.

You can consider implementing Vastu principles as much as possible in your home. This will bring you and your family good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

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