6 Carpets that will make your living space look exclusive


A silk-filled duvet is valuable and expensive information, as we are all aware. Silk carpets can be a real handle for your toes when you walk on them. Luxurious, delicate, and intricately designed silk carpets in your household can undoubtedly offer a royal appearance. Due to silk’s gentle and cosy nature, as well as the fact that it is frequently hand-woven, these mats are incredibly complicated. However, the man-made fiber rug’s appearance and feel are so superior to those of other mats that people are willing to spend a lot of money to enhance their homes.

Here are some silk carpets we recommend for you to look at.

  • Kairos

Kairos’ journey starts at the intriguing hour of dawn and follows the rhythms of dusk, twilight, and midnight. Beautifully hand-knotted pure wool rugs in new age hues of Bermuda blue, burnt red, honey yellow, warm tan, coral, and russet play out this spectacular play of light and dark.

  • Faaris

More than two million knots are extensively used in the calligraphy known as Faaris silk carpets.Utilize the timeless Persian flower patterns and symmetrical patterns in profound crimson, emerald, sky-blue, and gold shades to travel to one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Our polish collection is usually the epitome of opulence, expertly hand-knotted with the finest pure silk.

  • Verna,

The ancient tribe patterns, motifs, and palettes are displayed within the Verna collection to create an attention-grabbing piece. To give each piece a good vintage appearance, everyone is expertly hand-knotted. There’s a Verna rug for every room, made from exceptionally high-quality silk in vibrant and rich tones, not to mention antiquity and luxury.

  • Shringar

All of the weavers almost admire the beauty of these silk carpets and have a creative perspective on their particular surroundings. Because of this, they chose to keep their particular rug’s name, “shringar,” which means “to adorn.” They have embellished the rug with natural components that they can regularly observe and fall in like with, just as they enjoy dressing nicely and applying makeup to their particular faces to improve their beauty.

  • Cyanna

Ayanna, our transitional collection of distressed-looking silk carpets and runners can take you on a journey of curlicues, oh mayne geometry, and step-wise rhythms while pretending to be an understated arabesque appearance intertwined with gentle floral motifs.Because they are hand-knotted with wool and muted man-made fiber, these plush place rugs are long-lasting and a pleasure to walk on.By incorporating colours such as Chinese suppliers’ blue, soft purple, and dark cream colour into the earthy terrain of earth, blazing orange, and a pink crush, you can use these carpets as the focal point of your living room or as some piece of sleeping quarters art.

  • Aalam

Childhood memories fade away as the innovative generation enters your life because it gradually and gradually transitions from one to the next.Your grandparents’ and parents’ memories of their enjoyment are all that remain, combined with a desire to experience it firsthand. Each antique rug serves as a reminder of those experiences, bringing them back to life. It is now merely an experience that a select few can have the honour of, no longer merely an account or recollection.

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