American Fundraising Foundation – 3 Ways to Find Volunteers for Your Next Big Fundraising Campaign


Starting any fundraising campaign is a mammoth task. Though you might have several ideas on your mind right now, you need to ensure everything is planned and organized well so that you get volunteers and participants for your social or community cause. The biggest challenge that one faces is getting adequate manpower for the cause. The ordeal is worse for organizations that operate on a non-profit basis as they generally do not have the budget for getting the volunteers; they need to spread awareness about the campaign.

American Fundraising Foundation – Get the volunteers you need for your campaign

The American Fundraising Foundation is an esteemed name in the field of fundraising in the USA. This non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focuses on raising donations and funds for different companies in the nation. The professionals here state that in order to make any fundraiser successful, you need many volunteers and participants for the social cause you work on. The professionals of this organization state the following are some effective ways to help you get more volunteers and participants for your cause-

  1. Run an awareness and information campaign- There are several people out there who are willing and ready to support a good cause; however, they are not aware of the opportunities available to them. With the help of an information and awareness drive, you effectively are able to reach out to them and connect with them with your community or social cause. This helps people know about the cause, and they can take immediate action when it comes to funds and participation.
  2. Use the power of social media- Social media is an effective and powerful platform for you to get volunteers and participants for your cause. You will be able to attract donations as well. Facebook has a special feature called Events that you can use for your community or social cause. You can visit LinkedIn and join community groups for engaging people and letting them know about the social cause you have in progress. Whenever you wish to spread the word about your campaign, it is prudent to go viral and reach out to as many people as possible. You should use Twitter and Instagram, as well. You can post videos and pictures so that the audience you wish to reach out gets social proof, and your campaign gets the validation it requires for success.
  3. Approach schools- Several schools encourage charity and social causes among its students. You can engage them in spreading awareness about your campaign or getting volunteers for your social or community cause.

The American Fundraising Foundation helps organizations find volunteers and participants for all social and community causes. They guide and counsel companies on the most effective ways via which they can raise awareness and information to the targeted audience. They help with the planning and strategies to attract more volunteers and participants for the cause effectively. If the fundraiser is for a noble cause and its campaign is promoted correctly, it is hard for people to refuse it!

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