Best 5 Things to Gift to Your Beloved Friends


Make each festival unique to your nearest and dearest by giving a creative gift to them. Try something new and innovative which will impress them in all of the manners. As you know that many festivals are coming soon, you should begin your preparation beforehand so you can gift them something very extraordinary.

This post present best gift ideas for your nearest once that will show your feeling towards them. Therefore, don’t miss any of our gifting items. 

  • Personalised Bracelets for Girls & Boys

Whether is a girl or boy, and everyone Loves to design themselves with beautiful and stylish pieces of jewelry. So, we have selected this Etchcraft Emporium personalised bracelet for girls and boys.

This is a unique bracelet for girls & boys having an open cuff style; it does not just look attractive but also very comfy on wearing. Also, the entire series of this fashion jewelry piece lies in its customized layout. Yes, it can be personalised with a heart-touching message. If you do not know what material you ought to get shown on its surface, you can customize it with their name. 

  • Personalised Coffee Mug

Don’t gift any ordinary coffee mug using any random print or message onto it. To make them feel how important they are in your life, you should find the coffee mug customized with personalised message or picture. To give you a few ideas, you can make it more personalised with their favorite photo printed onto the mug or even your emotions in a message.

This gift is specially customised for those who have a car. If he/she is a car lover, you can also present this personalised car cushion cover to them. 

  • Personalised Car Keychain

The car keychain is again ideal for everybody as the keychain is a multi-use accessory. It may be utilized to hang keys or design up any purse or backpack. This gift idea is also from EtchcraftEmprorium. We were astonished to see numerous customized gift choices on the site, but we have only picked these ideas from Etchcraft Emporium.

This personalised Car keychain can be made like any particular car models in India. Also, this keychain comes with an engraved number plate for your car. 

  • Personalised Car cushion cover

Next on the list is the car cushion cover from “Etchcraft Emporium”. It’s named car cushion cover, and it does not indicate that it cannot be utilized in the area or is just meant for cars. But it is called so due to its design.

The cushion is very soft and very comfortable. On top of that, the cushion cover includes excellent car patch stitching. You have a fantastic customization option- the stainless-steel amount plate can be engraved with the name of any message. 

  • Mirror Within the Personalised Card

Last but not least, you gift them a personalised card with a mirror along with a beautiful message for them. As an example, get the card in their favoritecolor and put the mirror inside with a message, “I had been given a choice to choose any – my teddy, my heart fell for you and selected you!” 


All these creative gift ideas are best for any festivals for your nearest and dearest ones. We hope you liked them. We would like to know from you which gift you like the most.

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