If this is your very first family trip to Abu Dhabi, you will need to do a bit of digging in order to get the best of your money and time. Abu Dhabi has everything that a travel junkie can dream for. You can simply rent a car and drive around the city as you please.

Emirates PalaceThe city attracts people with its oriental grandeur. This is one of the best places to get a taste of that Arabian lifestyle with the traditional culinary. Since it is open 24 hours, all you need is rent a car from that can accommodate your entire family and start for a happy journey to get there at any time of the day.

Al Jahili Fort: For all the curious cats out there, this will be more to your liking. Since the place is closed on Sundays, you can get your own rented car to avoid waiting for hours in the busy week. The fort is filled with the history of the cultural heritage and philosophy of the city.

Marina Mall: If your trip is not complete without a good shopping session, this is the one mall which will provide you not only with brands, but choices, and extraordinary design which is a feast for the eyes. Waiting with tons of shopping bags in this hotspot can surely be difficult, so you are advised to rent a car beforehand.

The Corniche: This is an 8km wide alley you can choose to explore with various restaurants and hippie cafes spread all over. If you are not a fan of all the walking, you can always get your rented car and drive around to your favourite spot. The place is open 24 hours, so you can even get a glimpse of the nightlife.

Camel Souk: This is something very unique to Abu Dhabi. Hop onto your rented car that is perfect for your family and drive down to this Al Ain Camel Market to witness the camel races, where you can also ride and feed them, as well as buy camel leather artefacts. The spot is famous for camel breeding and spread across a wide area, you are advised to get your own rented car, to avoid waiting for your ride at this offbeat place.

There are many other places that you can explore from beaches to museum to an art gallery. Travelling top 10 beaches in spain from one place to another can get cumbersome if you do not have your own ride. Since the rentals allow you to book daily, monthly, or as you prefer, with or without the driver, you can have yourself chaperoned right from the airport or drive your car around the city all along the trip.

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