Different Kinds of Cultured Pearls


Specific kinds of oysters produce pearls. How? Oysters move in the sea, where some kind of irritant is lodged into its soft tissue. In response, the oyster starts producing nacre to cover this irritant. Ultimately, after some years, the irritant is covered with many nacre layers. This is the gem we know as pearl.

Are cultured pearls different from natural pearls?

Process of pearl production is same but there are a couple of differences.

  1. In this process, the farmer inserts the irritant [shell bead] inside the mollusk on purpose.
  2. The oysters are kept in a farm and nurtured till it is time to harvest the pearls.

Thus, pearl production and accessibility has become lot easier than it was in the past. Even the value of pearls is much less than those divers search for in the sea depth. If they are lucky, they find a natural pearl but their lives are put to risk regularly. Even cultured pearls are of high quality because the oysters are nurtures and taken care of in a pollution free environment. Click this link to learn more on how pearls get cultured.

Kinds of cultured pearls

If you plan to buy pearl drop necklace then there are several cultured pearl types to choose from.

Akoya pearls

If you want perfect round white colored pearls for your necklace than Akoya is great. They have great shine and luster in comparison. Pearls are small in size and their diameters measure between 5mm to 11 mm.

Handama pearls

Actually, Handama pearls are certified Akoya pearls. These pearls are first choice for making diamond and pearl drop necklace. They carry high luster and measure between 7mm to 10 mm in size. You get white color with blue or silver tone.

Freshwater pearls

Freshwater cultured pearls have wide selection of size, shape, and colors. Size ranges from 2mm to 15mm as well as available in white or cream color.

South Sea pearls

Golden and white South Sea pearls are sought-after because they offer great luster and are rare. In addition, they are biggest pearls and can create stunning pearl drop earring. This saltwater pearl size ranges from 8 mm to 20 mm.

Tahitian pearls

Black drop pearl necklace looks exotic. Black-lipped oyster is used to create black Tahitian pearls. They have brilliant luster with rainbow colored hues. They are large and measure around 8mm to 16 mm.

Buyers get spoilt for choice, when they go shopping for cultured pearls!

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