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Since 2012, when “Clash of Clans” was first released, it has overshadowed the App Store, speedily escalating the ranks and keeping the headline as the top-grossing app overall. Clash of Clans is one of the most widespread Android games ever developed, with players experiencing establishing their private societies and assembling the troops to secure it. Supercell has grown to be a colossus of the APK Android phone game businesses.

How It’s Played?

The game is all about the concept of reinforcing your territories, protecting it from the attacks of trespassing clans as well as undertaking others’ territories in order to collect supplies and begin the entire process once again.

The game is very addictive, and being disconnected means leaving your base open for an attack, the best players in the game keep their nose stuck on their screens of excitement.

If you survive an attack and win you receive at least 1 bonus, which promotes your rankings. If you fail to win, you actually lose a share of your bonuses, and the process all depends on which one is higher in the ranking, you or your rivals.

If you’re challenging a less qualified opponent, a lost battle indicates that you’ll waste more bonuses. If you are the one with lower-ranking, you have an opening to receive more advantages if you’re ready to take more ventures.

What’s New In 2020

Controlling the Global Chat feature is on top of the developers’ agenda with the guidance of committed Support and Anti-Fraud tools as well as implementing more spam identification mechanisms. The game producers are really dedicating more efforts to protect their users against spam.

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