Ensure a Longer Life of your Paints — Care for them Rightly!


Do you know what’s the most exciting part of your home décor? It’s getting new colours on your walls, your exteriors and even your ceilings. Colours are beautiful. Period. No matter whether they belong to Nature (hues of a rainbow), or to the walls that adorn your home. That’s why we spend thousands in getting our house painted extremely well, neatly and perfectly. It’s because the charm that imbibes warmth to the stark cold walls of your house is actually the paint colours.

But just painting isn’t enough! When we are spending so much in painting our house by hiring interior painters in Auckland from Auckland Premium Painters, who do a tremendously awesome job in painting your home through experts in the field, we have to be sure that the paint stays intact for long. And that won’t happen by magic. Your efforts and love are need of the hour.

 Essential Tips to Make your Paint Last Longer!

We know you dreamt of a beautiful home when you painted it. And this of course, turned out into a reality when the painters did a fabulous job of it. But just painting isn’t enough; you have to care for it to make it last. Be sure to follow the below mentioned tips so that your fresh paints last for years in its intact condition:

  • Thorough cleaning more than annually — If you are the once-in-a-year cleaner of your home, this isn’t going to be enough for a long lasting, beautiful paint! There can be mould, stains, dirt, etc. on the walls and ceilings that can destroy the attractive look of your paint. Leave this mantra of once a year cleaning, and make it twice or thrice! Call for professionals for better cleaning. Because if you are unaware of the procedure and use lots of water or hard cleaning agents, then it’s going to damage the paint all the more.
  • Prevent paint fading — Paint can fade due to harsh exposure to UV rays coming from your window or due to usage of bleaching agents for cleaning. Ensure to choose a good quality paint that can bear the effects of direct sunlight longer, or use curtains/ blinds etc. to be on the safer side. Also, chuck the harsh cleaning agents no matter how tough the stain or mould on the wall is – get professional help.
  • Waterproofing before painting —The wisest decision you can make to prevent your paint from damage is opting for proper waterproofing before painting. This saves you a lot of trouble later, and ensures a longer life of your paints.
  • Washable paints are better — It’s better to invest in washable paints from the start, so that they last longer. Such paints don’t give away easily even when there’s a lot of exposure to stains and kid’s activities, as you can easily clean them and make them spotless again.
  • Act immediately in case of peeling or cracks — If you catch any signs of peeling or cracks on the walls, be fast in acting on the same and deal with it immediately. Failing to do so, the problem will increase and soon your entire wall would be peeling due to the neglect at the onset.

When you are painting your house, you always consider it as an investment for years. And this should be the case too! But without proper care, your investment doesn’t last even a full year. That’s why following the above mentioned steps of caring for the same is essential to give your painted walls a longer life.

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