Communication is the key to directing the functioning of any business or organization and it is important for its survival. Communication is the process of creating and sharing one’s point of view among the people to reach a common understanding. 

The one who is communicating with others may be highly qualified but if he/she can’t process communication skills and clear his/her directions and point of views then his/her ability becomes irrelevant. Communication requires the effectiveness and efficient behavior towards the listeners. Without this, one can’t survive in the business. 

At an early age, students can show non-serious behavior but when they reach 11th grade then they have to think about their future. If an individual is interested in business then he/she must be familiar with business English in which communication acts as salt in a dish. Communication is only effective when there are no grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. The most important factors to look for are;

  • No grammatical mistakes 
  • No spelling mistakes – 
  • Great knowledge of vocabulary – 


Grammar holds great importance in business communication as it helps in maintaining accuracy. The grammar rules help a speaker to make accurate use of words and make amazing sentence structures to attract the listeners and grab their attention. Grammatical issues should be resolved before entering the field of business. If not done before then it can impact badly the business. Delivering a message with wrong sentences can change the meaning of your ideas.

All the business communicative mediums i.e. resume, fax, emails, and influential papers, etc. keeps away the intended strength that is needed to grab the reader’s or listener’s attention. Grammatical inconsistencies create a gap in the social world and make people question the accuracy of the content. Business papers with correct grammar open doors for new opportunities. For the clarity of meaning and intent, the grammar rules are essential.


Spelling holds great importance in communication, literacy, and employment. The auto-correction tools made so many lives easier but still, its importance is not lessened. To understand the words and sentences we read spelling is very important. The same goes for business English cover letters and emails that are written. It avoids confusion. For example, “birth” and “berth” has a different meaning. It can change the meaning of the whole sentence and can make the reader confused. This confusion can lead to weak social relations. As I’ve mentioned earlier, 11th grade is the base for making a career and If a student is interested in the business field then he/she should work on the spellings. There are amazing and trustable tools that offer spelling test for grade 11. These tests help a lot in the learning process. 


Like spellings and grammar, vocabulary is also in the list and holds great importance in the field of business communication. It is important for the following reasons;

  • Vocabulary is the base of language development and if it is not strong then the one who is interested in the business field can never excel and move forward. Students with rich vocabulary have amazing literacy skills. 
  • The person who is reading should understand the words and 98% of the understanding depends upon the reading skills and these skills come from the strong vocabulary. Reading comprehension can be strong when the grip on vocabulary is strong.  
  • Using the right words while communicating makes a strong relationship. Effective communication is based on vocabulary.

Just like spelling tests, 11th grade vocabulary words are also available in the different trustable tools that help in developing vocabulary skills. These skills should be learned properly that’s why these tools and software offer a wide variety of words. 

Importance of Communication:

Communication has great importance in the wide world of business. 

  • Co-ordination 
  • Fluent working
  • Decision Making
  • Managerial efficiency
  • Organizational peace

Measures to improve communication:

To become a successful leader, communicating meaningfully is important that is followed by a great grip on English (international language), that is used to communicate with all. No matter what the mother language is but English is considered as the communicative language. There are the following measures taken to improve communication.

  • The basics of nonverbal communication should be learned
  • Master the art of timing
  • Convey useful information
  • Learn the grammar rules and punctuation
  • Be a good listener
  • Don’t move away from the message
  • Improve gestures, stance, and facial expressions
  • Work on body language
  • Develop the listening skills


To improve communication skills, spell quiz is a trustable and widely used tool. It comprises different test sections so that the learner goes through the several stages and levels to get a better understanding of spellings and get over the different communication hurdles. It also has a grading system that is followed by different grade levels i.e. 1 to 12. Moreover, it saves the time that is wasted in searching the word groups. Each level has a different word group that is relevant to the learner’s capacity. It is recommended to once use this tool in the learning process.

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