How to choose the best DVR security system for your business?


If you are looking for a security system for your property, then you must have heard of DVR systems. While you are planning to invest so much in ensuring good quality security for your property and loved ones, it is important to understand its functioning and available options to choose the best.

A few years back, surveillance cameras had VCR systems attached to them to store the recorded footage. The footage was either shot continuously or was shot on being triggered by some movement. These VCRs recorded using cassettes with a rate of 25 frames per second. During that time, this solution looked advanced and solved the purpose. But today, security expectations have escalated. Be it a basic surveillance camera or advanced, a VCR recording on cassette cannot support the footage it captures. For which a CCTV DVR system is needed.

Read further to know more about DVR systems and how to choose the right one for your needs.

What is a DVR system?

The modern security solutions provide a wide array of options in DVRs from small-sized to pocket-friendly and even large PC sized ones. Adding to this, DVRs can also be connected to an external network, enabling you to access the footage of the security camera via the Internet. Here are the three main types of CCTV DVR systems offered.

What are the types of CCTV DVR systems?

The modern security solutions provide a wide array of options in DVRs from small-sized to pocket-friendly and even large PC sized ones. Adding to this DVRs can be also connected to an external network enabling you to access the footage pf the security camera via internet. Here are the three main types of CCTV DVRsystems offered.

Embedded DVRs – This is a type of stand-alone device. It accepts CCTV camera inputs, compresses them, and stores them in a local HDD. Embedded DVR systems work with a special embedded operating system that is closed to external networks. This is the reason why it is less prone to viruses, hacking, and other malicious activities and ensures high security.

Hybrid DVRs – As the name suggests, hybrid DVR systems can accept video inputs from CCTV cameras as well as IP cameras. This means that if you want to switch from a CCTV security system to an IP camera-based security system, then you would not need to change the DVR system. This is because hybrid DVR systems support both the formats. If you have a large property, then you can install both the cameras as per the security requirements of the area.

PC-based DVRs – PC-based DVR systems are integrated into your personal computer unit. It consists of a network card, video board, motherboard, a DVR capture card, and memory drive. The most attractive part about this system is that it allows you to upgrade and increase the memory space with ease by adding an extra hard disk to the system.

There is no doubt that DVR systems are an excellent way to migrate your analogue CCTV system to a digital surveillance system and provide your property with a hi-tech security solution.

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