How to ensure the patient’s safety in the hospital?


It has been told by a study that every year, millions of people all over the world die due to distance or lack of hospital. Still, there are many rural places where there is a huge lack of medical facilities. Hospitals are the basic requirement of human beings. But have you ever thought that due to these hospitals’ ignorance and not getting proper care, people lose their lives here too? The answer is simple that the patient security system should be further improved. Every single day health care system drops a positive impact on patients. These workers play a big role in the health improvement of patients. The medical field is constantly developing and it leaves space for improvement because it increases and changes. As the hospitals become large and busier, the means of patient safety measures fall. The healthcare workers look after the patient’s safety in hospitals who are dedicated to fulfilling all their needs. A hospital can improve the performance of the team with the help of initiatives taken by safety focussed team. The safety of patients includes error avoidance, controlling harm, and decreasing the possibilities of faults through planning. Many hospitals are working hard on the safety measures of their patients. Bashir dawood is also a hospital that feels like a safe and caring place for their patients. The safety of patients in the hospital is regarding decreasing the potential error risks, injuries, and infections. Some factors that can help in improving patient safety in hospitals are:

1. Adopt monitoring technology in hospitals: At the same time, healthcare workers deal with the number of patients who have variant needs and medication. This medication technology helps them to follow the correct medical procedure for the right patient.

2. Treatment understood by a patient: Telling about treatment to the patient helps in preventing errors.

3. Checking of medical procedures: Many times we heard a surgeon leave any scissor or other equipment in a patient’s stomach at the time of operation or they have to do the operation on the right leg while they need to operate on the left leg. To avoid this kind of mistake checks the medical procedure to verify mistakes.

4. Build a safe health management system: It is necessary for a hospital to include some employees who work to manage the hospital’s performance and can make a better decision for patient safety.

5. Rapid response system: This system is made so that the flaws are corrected regarding the safety of hospital patients.

Conclusion: Hospitals are a necessity for every individual at the time of their illness. This place has been made for people to treat diseases; it is the responsibility of the hospitals to take full care of the safety of their patients.

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