James Haidak- Common Problems Good DJs Face and How to Overcome Them


Imagine a party with a large audience. This scenario is incomplete without a DJ. Disc jockeys are the life of any party. They are masters of track mixing, sound manipulation, and impromptu emceeing. However, even the best DJ faces challenges. Like all creative professionals, a good DJ needs to keep improvising every minute, look out for audience vibes, fix the boring intervals, and, most important, ensure the audience is moving on their feet. However, there are challenges, and the best of the best DJs face them.

James Haidak – Be patient and creative to overcome problems

James Haidak is a famous upcoming producer and DJ at Koh Phangan in Thailand and Amsterdam. He was born in the United States at Washington D.C and was attracted to electronic music since the age of 17. To pursue his love for music, he purchased his Ableton music software to learn sound design, production, and mixing tracks.

He says every experienced DJ started with goals. However, during their journey, these goals were met with hurdles. Special problems do crop up. They need to be identified and acknowledged first if you want to solve them.

What are the common problems DJs faces?

These problems vary from person to person. They can be related to money, fame, personal enjoyment, etc. DJs regularly interact with people daily, and with time, they feed themselves with thoughts, and later these thoughts become patterns. They can be both good and bad when it comes to the music, equipment, scene of the event, and more.

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Most DJs fail to acknowledge the issues that bother them. They eventually turn something that they love into something they would wish to avoid. The key here is to speak and face problems. Common issues like you are not creative enough; the audience cannot understand your music or the sync button of your DJ box ruining everything. These are just some of the special problems DJs face and allow them to stand in their professional growth and development.

Problems are unique, but they can be resolved

He agrees some of the above problems DJs face are unique. However, with patience and time, they can be resolved. Problems are a part of the learning experience. Mistakes are made, but you can always learn valuable lessons from them. The key here is not to give up. There is no overnight success plan. Everyone needs to hustle to reach their goals. The focus should be on the journey. If bad things take place, good things are there as well. The onus here is to focus on the good over ponder on the bad. In this way, you can get the spirit to fight and succeed with flying colors.

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As per James Haidak if you have the dream to succeed as a disc jockey, you will. You must be prepared to encounter hurdles. Face and fight them. Nothing is permanent, so your problem will subside with the correct attitude over time. Your focus should be on the thing you love the most i.e., music.


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