Jim Feldkamp Cites the Various Careerist Opportunities in the Navy


It is also a tribute to join the brave men and women who fight to keep the coast lines safe and sound. The United Sates navy inspire adults and youngsters to join and serve the country as the Navy has a lot of job prospects to individuals from all walks of life. Most individuals only understand about navy officers, but the navy involves many other stances too. This wide range of operations can be broken down into different roles, each demanding a detailed approach to the conduct of procedures.

As Jim Feldkamp says, before you enrol to get in the navy you must make a decision where you want to start. If you would like to be a navy officer, then you will need particular academic credentials. The academic qualification necessary is considerably of high standard compared to the one needed to join the army and the police force. The person who wants to join navy must complete college and enrol into the NROTC or Naval Reserve Officer Training Program. The person like James Feldkamp can also enrol in the United States Naval Academy.

It is a requirement to hold a college degree in one of the Navy endorsed subjects such as science, engineering, mathematics or a few others.

If you have a grade in one of these it will be simpler for you to get registered into Officer Candidate School. It is a great privilege to get chosen into the navy. Officers are paid a very reasonable salary, saluted and there are some amazing benefits such as journeying all over the world. The role of navy officer also brings with it a level of accountability and you will be in charge of the lives of men under your control.

Aside from being a naval officer you can also become a registered member of the navy like Jim Feldkamp.

In order to become a recruited member of the navy you are not obliged to hold a college degree or any academic needs. To get certified as an enlisted member of the navy you will have to pass medically, mentally and physically demanding tests. You are given an opportunity to enrol for the practice test, which is more formerly recognized as the EST or Enlisted Screening Test.

According to Jim Feldkamp, this test is taken so as to gauge your mental ability. You are necessary to have a clean legal record; even small offenses can be counted against you during the selection procedure. A medical exam is obligatory, and it will have to be done at the Military Entrance Processing, which is necessary in order to ascertain your eligibility and the field the choices accessible to you.

The options are medicine, aviation, nuclear, electronics or any other common field of work within the navy. Enlisted navy jobs have a less demanding job and lower salaries than a navy officer. The recruited navy candidates have to go through a period of eight weeks of boot camp training as against the thirteen-week period for navy officers.

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