Know The Causes and Solution To Prevent Plumbing Problems In Your Restaurant


One of the major issues restaurants encounter once in a while is plumbing problems. Unfortunately, many of the facilities and equipment of a restaurant rely heavily on drainage, water, and sewage systems.

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The most important thing for you is to know the causes and also the solution of the issues. It will help you in preventing drainage problems in your restaurant.

Causes and prevention of commercial drainage problems

Here are the causes along with the solution for preventing drainage problems in your restaurant.

Cooking oil and food waste

In restaurants and cafes, the most common cause of drainage problems is the food waste, oil, and fat disposed of incorrectly. Oils, fat from meat, and other food waste get cold after going down the drain. It results in the solidification of the food waste and that causes blockage.

The most effective way of taking care of these problems are –

Disposing food waste and cooking oil responsibility

Improper disposal of food waste is a general management issue. It is essential to get rid of leftover cooking oil in an environmentally – friendly and compliant way. A lot of collection services are available these days. Used oil collection services pick up the used oil from you and get rid of it on your behalf. You can contact local service providers to arrange an oil pick up service for your establishment if you don’t have one.

 Awareness and staff training

The solution to the problem of drain blockage because of food waste is very simple. Training your staff correctly, make sure your staff knows how to dispose of food waste correctly. The staff working in the kitchen should know how to dispose of leftover food. The staff should collect leftover food in the bin before washing plates or putting the utensils in the dishwasher.

Customer toilet blockage

Another major drain issue comes from customer toilets. It may not sound good to hear, but people flush many things down the toilets of cafes, restaurants and even shops and cause blockages. Unfortunately, not all guests follow good etiquette while they are using the restaurant toilets. Mostly, people flush nappies, baby wipes, and other sanitary products in toilets and cause drain blockage.

You can avoid these situations what you can do is –

  • Place separate bins with labels on them for people to dispose of wipes and sanitary items.
  • Regular inspections are also a solution for solving toilet blockage issues.
  • Post customer notice specifying to use labeled bins for disposing of specific types of waste.

Regular maintenance

Restaurants are a fast-paced business, and the best practice is not always realistic. It is good you opt for preventive measures. You should have facilities and equipment to check and signs of trouble or damage. At the same time, check and maintain your plumbing system regularly.

The simple way for avoiding unforeseen drainage issues is to have a professional service by your side. You can opt for a professional drainage company for maintaining the plumbing system in your restaurant. These services have equipment and advanced facilities for providing the best results to their customers. The plumbing companies also provide many effective preventive measures for avoiding plumbing issues as much as possible.


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