Landscape photography composition rules every photographer should master


Composition is undoubtedly one of the most vital factors of landscape photography. It is that aspect that can either make an image or break it. If you’re a beginner in the field of photography, you need to dig into the details of the principles of landscape photography so that you can turn your pictures to be visually appealing ones.

To the photographers that have developed a great ‘inner eye’, these factors come naturally to them. But, for the others, they have to learn it in order to be able to master it. Regardless of the type of photographer you are, whether you practice passionate photography or you do it by the demands of your profession, here are few tips to remember.

1. Apply the rule of Thirds

In order to guide the compositions of photos, photographers use the rule of thirds. The rule rejects the idea of framing your subject from the dead center. If you divide the image into thirds, horizontally and vertically, the best shots will have focal points where the lines intersect. This is why the high-end DSLR cameras show you this grid in the viewfinder. Find out the horizon line while composing landscape shots. If you choose to click a piece of land, make sure two-thirds of the photo is land and one-third is sky.

2. Utilize plants and trees as a frame of the picture

When you frame a photo properly, it is about using things in the foreground to make them as a point of interest in the background. You also have to ensure that the foreground in some way enhances the landscapes. During such a time, trees and plants can be your friend. If you can position plants and trees or any other vertical feature, this will let you frame the shot.

3. Apply symmetry

Rules are the best way of understanding the basics of photography but there are times when the rules can be broken. When you practice photography for passion, you can definitely use symmetry in your photos. Symmetry is something that is always pleasing to the eyes. In case of landscape photography too, try using either man-made or natural elements or both of them in order to enhance your photos.

4. Create layers within the landscapes

As long as clicking natural landscapes are concerned, layers are the key. You look out at nature and everywhere you’ll find layers. The earth and the sky at least form the basic two layers. Within the same scene, you may also notice other layers of grass, sand, water, trees, clouds, mountains etc. The layers can lie up in a definite pattern and can also not follow any pattern too.

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5. There should be a vanishing point

In a picture, when two parallel lines seemingly converge with each other, this is called the vanishing point. In photography, you should try and frame a shot to create a vanishing point as this adds drama to the picture and attracts the eyes of the viewers to the image.

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