Learn About 3 Different Types of Plumbing Tests


Finding plumbing leaks and other issues early is important since they can cause extensive damage to your property and poor water service in general. When you bring plumbers to resolve the situation, you might notice them using different methods to test the presence of a leak. Learn more about these procedures and see which ones you might need.

1. Hydrostatic Pressure Test

The hydrostatic pressure test is a common method to confirm the presence of a leak within your home’s plumbing system due to its non-destructive nature. The plumbers install an inflatable ball by the sewer system’s cleanout, which later expands and blocks the main line. Once the area is filled with water, the pipe is pressurized. The specialists observe between 15 to 20 minutes, and if the water level declines, it means there is a leak. Isolation testing is done next until the specific leak area is found.

2. Smoke Test

An effective way to detect a leak’s precise location is with a plumbing smoke test. During this process, the operators insert visible smoke to an empty pipe. The smoke will try to escape the structure through any present crack or opening. So, any area where smoke is coming out is where the leaks are located. Smoke tests are most effective when the entire pipe is visible, though they are also useful in finding rainwater leaks when applied to a sewer.

3. Video Camera Inspection

Plumbers can also find pipe problems through video camera inspection, a practice that keeps the pipe and your property safe from damage. They install a waterproof and flexible camera via a rod and maneuver it throughout the pipe until they can find the damage and its root cause. This device makes it easy for you and the professionals to observe the situation via a video recording.

As technicians explore your plumbing system and potentially find issues, they might use these procedures and more. Keep them in mind as you think about the best approach for your property’s issues.

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