List of All The Misconceptions Concerning CBD


Almost everyone is talking about CBD and its health benefits these days. However, just like everything else, CBD is surrounded by plenty of myths and misconceptions too. In fact, these misconceptions are the only reason why many individuals are reluctant about giving this wonderful natural compound a try.

If you too are confused about whether CBD is worth trying or not, here we have some very useful info for you. Unlike others, here we have not discussed the uses and benefits of CBD products purchased from CBD store, but all the misconceptions concerning them. If you are new to using CBD, clearing these misconceptions will definitely give you some peace of mind.

Myths about CBD

CBD is basically marijuana

Well, the most important difference between CBD and marijuana is, CBD is a compound and marijuana is a plant. Yes, CBD can be extracted from marijuana, but most of the products in the market have CBD extracted from the hemp plant and not a marijuana plant.

The thing is, both hemp and marijuana plants are very similar in terms of appearance, smell, and taste. However, unlike marijuana, hemp does not contain significant levels of THC, but only trace amounts. So, keep in mind, marijuana is used for recreational purposes, while CBD is for therapeutic purposes.

CBD can make you high

Just because CBD is derived from one of the cannabis plant, it does not mean it can get you high. CBD is known for its stress and anxiety-relieving property, but it definitely does not make the user high. CBD stimulates the body to use internal cannabinoids more effectively and thus regulates sleep patterns, pain sensitivity, mood, immune response, etc.

CBD have zero effectiveness

Since CBD products lack FDA regulations, companies cannot claim that it cures several health conditions. However, there is too much anecdotal evidence to prove that CBD does change lives. In fact, thousands of users around the globe are supporting CBD products, and even promoting it in their reviews and testimonials.

All CBD are equal

Just like any other naturally derived compounds, all CBD are not the same. There are 3 main types of CBD – Full spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate, and Broad spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD consists of more than 100 cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC, and CBD isolate is purified CBD, and contains no other cannabinoids. Whereas, Broad-spectrum CBD contains all other cannabinoids of hemp, but not THC.

CBD is illegal

Well, CBD is not entirely illegal, but yes its legal status is definitely in flux. It will just take some time before all the regulatory agencies like FDA, USDA, etc. will consider CBD products as legal. Nevertheless, until then, you need to verify whether CBD products are legal in your state or now, as there are many states which accept CBD products as legal.

So, you see, most of the talks that you have heard about CBD were just myths and misconceptions. Now, don’t let these myths keep you away from trying an amazing compound packed with plenty of health benefits, and contact reliable sellers like Just CBD store today.

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