Plastic curtains — The must check buyers’ guide for purchasing a plastic curtain!


 Plastic curtains have been in talks recently because of their unlimited benefits in both industrial sectors and retail shops! A great representative of the door that not only provides a wise solution against external harmful factors like pests and dust, but also keeps the temperature of your shop or factory unmoved by the outside heat or cold. Not only this, it actually saves you double the amount that you’d be spending on installing a door at your workplace. And there are dozen more reasons why these plastic curtains are seen at almost every second shop nowadays.

If you are thinking of getting a plastic curtain for your shop, then let us tell you that this decision is actually quite a wise one! These curtains are a very good solution for your privacy, and therefore investing in something like this is never going to be wrong. You just can’t pick up any plastic curtain and hang it up there in your store. The purchase of the same should be done after studying your needs and the structure of your shop or warehouse.

Essential things to consider when buying a plastic curtain! 

Though a plastic curtain is a great investment for your business, if you make a wrong choice, say — a mismatched size, then you will have to waste a lot of your time exchanging the same.  Or else, you’ll have to adjust with your wrong selection for years! That’s why it’s necessary to follow the below guidelines when buying it:

o   Suitable for your application — A strip plastic curtain ensures swiftly moving traffic while maintaining the ideal temperature inside the area. While a basic plastic curtain would act like a door but with a single entry. According to your need and the people working in the store or the industry, you can select the plastic curtain appropriately.

o   The best curtain provider — The most important thing to keep in mind while buying a plastic curtain is selecting the best shop or the manufacturer of the same. Ensure it’s from a reputed company that provides services for its installation, repair, and exchange if damaged, etc. Austcold Industries manufacture plastic curtains which are of excellent quality and also installs the same for you and supplies them in a wide variety according to your needs.

o   The quality of the plastic — This is what plays an essential role in your selection of a plastic curtain. There are different qualities of plastic available — ranging from too thin to really thick ones. Select the one optimum for your usage, keeping in mind the time period you need it for or the traffic in your place.

o   The width or size — It’s crucial to customise your plastic curtains according to your entrance’s size.  It’s important to measure the same perfectly and then check for the best width to be chosen if you need the stripped one. If you aren’t particular about this criterion, your investments are actually going to be wasted as the curtain won’t serve its proper purpose then.

o   Fire resistance — Fire resistance code is one essential thing to check before you buy the plastic curtains. Industrial areas and commercial setups are more prone to fire hazards than the domestic setups. Ensure to check for this feature to pick up the safest option.

When you are buying a plastic curtain keeping in mind these essential factors, you’ll surely pick the best curtain that is going to benefit you for long.

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