Pros and Cons of Fiber Cement Planks


Using an added layer of protection can help safeguard your family and possessions. Fiber Cement Planks or Siding is a great solution for making your home not just safer, but also beautiful. You may have heard of vinyl or aluminum for siding material, but one that has recently gained popularity is fiber cement.

A fiber cement plank or siding can be affixed to the exterior of your house which will then protect it from the harshest environmental conditions. It is available in a lot of different textures and colors, and is applicable inside your home too, such as in kitchen counters, stairs, wall cladding, etc.

Fiber cement plank is a strong material made out of cement, and reinforced cellulose fiber as the major materials. Undergoing an autoclaved process in high temperature and pressure, it generates a light-weight and durable material for various applications in interior and exterior decoration of homes, offices, or other residential and commercial spaces.

Fiber cement has many pros and cons. If you’re building a new home or planning on remodeling an existing property, the following list can help you identify if fiber cement siding is the right choice for you.

Pros of fiber cement:

1.It can withstand harsh environmental conditions:

Fiber cement is a strong material that can hold its own against changing weather conditions. Whether there is heavy rainfall or a storm blowing, it keeps your property safe. It is ideal for homes located in any environment since it is very durable and possesses high strength.

2.It is not flammable

To homeowners, the risk of fire is utterly scary. It poses a serious threat and can devastate lives. This is the reason why fiber cement siding is so beneficial. Being made of 90% non-flammable material, it is resistant to extreme levels of heat, thereby providing mental peace to any property owner.

3.Available in different textures

Along with high durability and inflammability, fiber cement plank is also aesthetically beautiful. It is available in many different textures and colors.. It can also be painted in numerous different shades according to the property owner’s choice.

4.It can protect you against infestations

Fiber cement offers complete protection against pests, termites, and rotting. Because the siding doesn’t have overlapping seams, it ensures that mold or mildew doesn’t grow between the walls. It keeps you and your family safe from allergens.

1.Requires low maintenance

Once installed, it is not difficult to maintain fiber cement at all. Spraying it down with a low-pressure water source, like a garden hose, once or twice a year will do. Since it is protected from pests, UV damage, and microbes, it won’t require any special servicing.

The cons of fiber cement are very limited:

1.Costs higher than other materials

The installation price for fiber cement is more than other siding such as vinyl or wood. This is due to the manpower that is required when installing it on your property. However, the cost of installation is offset by the minimal maintenance required in the subsequent years.

2.It requires painting

Unlike aluminum siding, cement fiber will require repainting. The paint job though lasts a long time, usually between fifteen to twenty-five years. So rest assured, this disadvantage will show up only many years later.

3.It is a heavy product

Compared to other alternatives, fiber cement is a heavier product. It is more difficult to handle and transport. It may not be the right choice for older homes. For most structures however, fiber cement does not pose any threat of damage.

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As you might have noticed above, cement fiber has way more advantages than disadvantages. It makes fibre cement plank in India a preferable choice for many property owners. This product is highly durable, useful, and desirable. CenturyPly, Zykron Fiber Cement plank is an affordable option and supplied by the leading brand in the country. They allow you to choose from a variety of cement fiber options available, as per your personal requirement and taste.

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