Should You Switch to Spectrum Internet?


Spectrum is one of the fastest-growing ISPs nationwide. More online gamers chose Spectrum than any other service and its GIG plan is becoming more readily available by the day.

Spectrum deals include a range of benefits to attract new customers. The provider is confident that you’ll love the service and become a loyal customer, so it’s willing to give hefty discounts to get you to try their service out.

If you’ve never used Spectrum before, the promotional deals make it an excellent idea to switch. Here are some specific reasons to switch to Spectrum.

Locking Into a Contract? Spectrum’s Buyout Offer Is Here for the Rescue

You can still switch to Spectrum if you’re currently in a term contract with your ISP. Spectrum may offer to buy your contract from your ISP so you don’t have to pay an early termination fee when you switch. You can save up to $500 with this offer.

The offer is available only to qualifying residential customers who don’t have any outstanding obligation to Charter Communications (Spectrum’s parent company). Check out to learn more.

Have Wi-Fi Dead Spots? Enjoy Advanced Wi-Fi Free For a Year

If you have Wi-Fi dead spots in your home where you don’t have reliable signals, Spectrum Internet may be a solution. Spectrum is offering Spectrum One deals for the same rate as Spectrum Internet for 12 months. This means you get Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi free for a year.

Advanced Wi-Fi comes with Spectrum’s new router that uses Wi-Fi 6 specifications to allow speeds up to 1 Gbps. It also uses improved beamforming technology to send more focused signals to distant devices, providing better coverage without using more energy.

Advanced Wi-Fi also includes the My Spectrum App which allows you to manage your home network from anywhere. You can see all the devices connected to the Wi-Fi and restrict access directly from the app. You’re also notified every time a new device is found or when a device is showing suspicious behavior.

Advanced Wi-Fi has its own antivirus software called Security Shield that protects you over the internet. Spectrum has an up-to-date blacklist of websites that are involved in scams and malware distribution. Security Shield protects connected devices from visiting these websites.

Advanced Wi-Fi costs $5 per month after the promotional period. With Wi-Fi 6 and advanced security features, it’s absolutely worth keeping.

Hate Paying for Mobile Internet? Enjoy Unlimited Data for a Year

Guess what? Spectrum One deals also include a free Spectrum Unlimited Mobile Line for a month! It gives you free access to Spectrum 5G nationwide with unlimited data, text, and talk.

The speeds are reduced after you’ve used 20 GB of data in a month, but that’s pretty unlikely for an average user. You can also choose to get Spectrum Unlimited Plus for $10 which allows you to stream HD-quality video anywhere.

Spectrum Unlimited Mobile Line will cost you 29.99 per month after the 12-month promotional period, which is pretty standard for unlimited lines. If you don’t want to keep the service for any reason, you can cancel it. If you don’t use a lot of data, you can also switch to a By the Gig plan that charges you based on the amount of data used in a billing cycle.

Spectrum Internet: Quality and Specs

Let’s now talk about the quality of Spectrum Internet. Online gamers are the one group of people that cares the most about the quality of their internet connection. More gamers choose Spectrum than any other ISP, which says a lot about its quality. Here are some specific specs and quality metrics.

Consistency and Reliability

Spectrum uses a hybrid fiber-coaxial network for its backbone infrastructure. The new DOCSIS 3.1 specifications allow Spectrum to provide GIG speeds to more areas. It also manages traffic more efficiently, increasing capacity by more than 50% and ensuring more consistent and reliable speeds throughout the day.

Network Up time

Spectrum truly stands out for its up time. Enterprise customers that run servers cannot afford to sacrifice availability. Spectrum ensures 99.99% and 99.9% network availability to commercial and residential customers respectively. This means on average, houses can expect only about 86 seconds of downtime per day.


Spectrum’s fiber-coaxial network ensures ultra-low latency for gamers and real-time WFH professionals. Advanced Wi-Fi further improves latency for wireless connections by up to 75%.


Spectrum offers affordable high-speed internet with free benefits that make switching an easy decision. Internet speeds with Spectrum are consistent with low latency and network availability of 99.9%. If you’re stuck with a provider because of a contract, Spectrum offers to buy out the contract.

Spectrum One includes Advanced Wi-Fi and an unlimited mobile line for the first 12 months, which add up to more than $400 in value. Visit BuyTVInternetPhone to see available spectrum deals in your area.

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