Teal Swan Explains the Life of a Spiritual Person and the Way to Take the Next Big Step


Often people think that those who go to the church, religiously read the Bible, and do other religious things are on the right path. Needless to say, doing these things are definitely good for the soul and should be done by everyone. But it would be wrong to assume that those who are not doing the above-mentioned things are far from realizing the truth. Often those who seem far off from such daily practices are usually more spiritually inclined.

You yourself could be living a spiritual life or have an urge to understand the deeper meaning of life but have not truly realized the nature of your urge. Reading spiritual development books is really helpful for you if you want to fully understand the real truths of life and existence says Teal Swan. Below are some signs that you are spiritual but aren’t aware of it.

  • You look at the stars and feel something uniquely different. You are literally in awe of this beautiful creation, the countless stars in the night sky. There’s a feeling of calmness when you stare at the night sky filled with stars.
  • You strive to keep a positive mindset. Even in trouble, you always try to bring positive thoughts to your mind. This is a sign that you are already praying. It is just that you do not know what you are praying to, whom you are trying to connect with.
  • You naturally like to help others as it feels like the right thing to do. All the major religions of the world say that we all are connected. So, it makes sense to do things to others that we would like others to do for us. So, if you are naturally inclined toward helping others in times of need and wherever you can, you are moving in the right direction. Spiritual development books can help you maintain this right flow of energy.
  • We are not separate from nature. We breathe in the oxygen and release back carbon dioxide. It is trees and plants that keep us alive. The food we eat comes from the earth. The water we drink is provided to us by the planet. Our existence is because of nature. So, if you feel a distinct closeness, oneness with nature, then you are surely connected with the truth at some level.
  • You recognize your intuition. Intuition can be your reason’s voice, God’s guidance, or the truth you have realized with time. It does not matter what you want to call it or associate it with; the chief thing to understand is that intuition assists you in identifying positive from the negative and keeping your path correct.

If this is you, then you need to let your spiritual nature fully expand says Teal Swan. Reading books can help you make the next big step in your spiritual journey.

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