Three Reasons To Consider Why You Should Have A Pergola


If you love your outdoor space but you think that something is missing to make it look close to perfect, then you should consider having a pergola. A pergola is an architectural structure that can give you a shaded space perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Landscape enhancements such as this can help create a different personality for your home. So if you want to add this to your landscape, then here’s why you should consider getting a pergola or gazebo canada.

It Further Extends Your Outdoor Space

Some homes add a deck or a patio because they want to extend their living space and go beyond the walls of their home. However, this may be deemed useless especially when the sun is beating down. With a pergola, it can help extend your living space, thus, give you and your family more time to spend outside when the weather is good.

If the pergola is designed correctly, it can give you enough shade and sunlight to make your time outdoors more enjoyable. Even though a shaded space is important, you still need a bit of sunlight. And when the sun is too hot, you can use a retractable shade cover to give you more protection.

Plenty of Design Options

If you check out online, there are plenty of design options for you to pick from. Although pergolas are usually freestanding, attached, or wall-mounted, there are different styles for you depending on your preference. In fact, there are pergola kits complete with everything that you need to build this structure on your own if that is something that you want to do. And once you have your design, the next thing to consider would be the materials to use.

Materials Option for Pergolas

As mentioned, there are different pergola material types that you can pick from. These materials have their advantages and disadvantages. So these are your options and why they are best for your pergola:

When it comes to wood, you can choose from pressure-treated or cedar. The pressure-treated wood is the least expensive option. And they look best if painted or stained. The cedarwood, on the other hand, is one of the most popular choices for pergolas. It naturally resists insects and will look beautiful in your outdoor space.

Another good option is vinyl. If you are looking for pergolas that require little to no maintenance, then vinyl should be your top choice. However, remember that you cannot easily paint that’s why your color choices will be limited.

One of the popular pergola material choices these days is fiberglass. Although this is expensive, it offers the best benefits. It is strong and can be easily spanned even for a larger space without the need for posts. It can be painted and will hold up the color better compared to other materials.

Pergolas that are made of aluminum are hihly customizable. This is another good choice because they are lighter than wood and requires very little maintenance. It has a nonporous surface that will allow the pergola structure to stand against the elements.

Pergolas are not that complicated to build. As long as you have the right equipment and materials, and the right people to work with, you can make this happen. So if you are looking into extending your outdoor space, then you know that pergolas can give you plenty of design options available for you. So choose a pergola that will suit your preference and our budget.

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