What should you know about wrecking yards before you visit one?


Are you tired of your old and outdated vehicle which is adding no value to your life anymore but only sitting in the garage? If yes, then the place to drop it off is a wrecking yard where your vehicle will be checked for quality and further dismantled or sold in one piece based on the condition.

However, before you head to a wrecking yard to drop off your burden, what do you really know about the place and the activities that take place there? If not much, then follow the post below and enlighten yourself.

Who should visit a wrecking yard?

  • A car owner whose vehicle is useless and is sitting idle on his premises
  • A vehicle owner whose vehicle is old but still in working condition
  • A car owner who wants instant and good cash for their fully-functional vehicle

What are the stages of car wrecking?

  • Draining the fluids

Crushing a vehicle with fluids can lead to vehicle explosion. Draining the fluids from the car is essential to ensure safe disposing of the machinery, making it the first step in the process. The hazardous and unsafe liquids are removed and disposed of while the useful ones are recycled for future use.

  • Dismantling the car

The second step is the dismantling of the vehicle. The broken parts are separated from the useful ones. The leading car wreckers in Adelaide are highly peculiar about this step. The functioning parts are stocked in a separate pile which are further sold as used parts to people who don’t want to spend a fortune or car servicing and repairs.

  • Crushing it

After the removal of the fluids and assembling of car parts in different categories, it’s time to get rid of the leftover. The body of the vehicle is crushed and disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. Once the car is flattened and destroyed, the ferrous and non-ferrous metal will be separated as well for further use.

  • Recycling the recyclable materials

Now comes the most crucial work of a wrecking yard- recycling the recyclable materials. From the fluids to car batteries and tyres, various parts of the vehicle, as mentioned in the first and second step, are set aside for recycling and reusing to save money and energy.

How can wreckers benefit you?

  • Fast and secure service
  • Irrespective of whether your vehicle is driveable or not, the wreckers will be happy to purchase it
  • Fash cash
  • Satisfactory deals
  • Zero hassles to the seller

Are you going to visit a wrecking yard for the very first time? If yes, then bookmark this article and share it with your mates as well who might be in dire need of a car wrecker like you. Visit a trustworthy wrecking yard today to make space for new wheels in your garage.

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