Why Does Alpha GPC Boost the Level of Human Growth Hormone?


Alpha GPC is a safe source of choline and is widely considered as one of the best brain supplements on the market. It is a precursor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is essential for memory and other cognitive functions.

Alpha GPC can be found in foods like milk and soy lecithin, and it also occurs naturally in small amounts in the brain. The most recent 2008 and 2012 studies show that Alpha GPC improves human growth hormone secretion in the brain.

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What is Growth Hormone?

What is Growth Hormone, and what part does it play in the body? Growth hormone or Human Growth Hormone is also called somatotropin and somatropin. It is a peptide hormone that promotes human development, cell reproduction, and regeneration in the body.

HGH has a beneficial impact on fat burning and muscle building, and it aids in the natural increase of the body’s metabolism. It is a sort of mitogen that is only found in certain types of cells.

HGH is a prescription drug used to treat growth disorders in children and adult growth hormone deficiency. HGH is often regarded as one of the most effective anti-ageing compounds, extending the life and enhancing overall health. Between 20 and 30 age, HGH levels begin to decline and continue to decline for the rest of your life.

Intense aerobic exercise and weight lifting will boost HGH secretion, but the effects start to fade after 30. Many people interested in extending their lives have looked into Alpha GPC as a low-cost HGH replacement.

Alpha GPC & Growth Hormone

Alpha GPC is a Hormone secretagogue, which stimulates the release of this hormone in your brain.

It is thought to enhance the effects of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH), a hormone that tells your anterior pituitary gland to develop and release more HGH. Taking Alpha GPC has been shown to result in a consistent rise in HGH levels just 60 minutes after administration. According to one study, this is due to Acetylcholine-stimulated catecholamine production in the brain.

This effect can be amplified if Alpha GPC is used as a pre-workout supplement; after an intensive training session with Alpha GPC, HGH levels will increase to 200 percent of their average pace.

Another research discovered that an increase in Growth Hormone was associated with increased fat oxidation biomarkers, implying that burning more fat. As a result, Alpha GPC is a very appealing supplement for weight lifters and bodybuilders, as well as anyone looking to lose weight and trim the fat.

While research on Alpha GPC is encouraging, more large-scale human trials are needed to fully ascertain all of the effects it may have in conjunction with HGH. Alpha GPC is currently available only as a health supplement, and the FDA has not approved it as a medication to prevent or treat any disorders.

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