Why Is A Werewolf Halloween Costume A Very Popular Choice?


Most of the individuals, who enjoy the idea of dressing up for Halloween, have some sort of fascination towards werewolf Halloween costumes. In fact, the idea of dressing up into a monstrous wolf costume is irresistible for many. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since werewolves have had a special place in human imagination for thousands of years.

The fascination with werewolves

Werewolves have been around in human collective consciousness since men have started collecting records for posterity. So far, there are several tales written depicting werewolves as both, villains as well as heroes. Since it has been a flexible character, authors and screenwriters have use it the way their story needs.

Right from the tale of ‘Red Riding Hood’ to the modern television shows, werewolves are considered as one of the most favorite monstrous character in the world. However, instead of being scared of the monstrous huge werewolf, today’s generation seek out entertainment from the character.

Werewolves’ costumes in modern era

Today’s costume industry has evolved tremendously, and so have the werewolf costumes. Unlike, the ones we use to have in previous generations, the werewolf Halloween costumes now are either super-realistic or give a comedic portrayal of werewolves.

As a matter of fact, the options of werewolf costumes in the market today, are visually as powerful as what we see in the special effects on big screen. If you are looking for frightening werewolf couples Halloween costumes, you will just get it. For this, one of the most popular options is a combination of a realistic wolf head with matching furry arms and gloves. This is especially suitable for individuals who are looking forward to show off the darker side of a wolf’s persona.

Next, you can even have the exact outfit of the wolf of Red Riding Hood tale. After all, it is one of the most celebrated characters. Your costume will consist a wolf head with the glasses and bonnet, and furry feet and gloves with a matching gown. The mask itself will be sufficient to portray the spiteful granny wolf.

On the other hand, female werewolf costumes are sexier compared to the ones designed for men. The costume focuses more on the characteristics of the wearer than the werewolf character. Well, this doesn’t mean that the outfit is not scary, but it is intentionally designed in such a way that the female carrying it feels more attractive and appealing.

So, if you are planning to have werewolf couples Halloween costumes, be rest assured that it will be hunkier for guys and sexier for girls.

Furthermore, you can even find funny and humorous werewolf Halloween costumes, if that’s what you seek. Most of these costumes will have a full-body werewolf outfit which makes the wearer look like a cartoon werewolf character. These particular outfits are available in all sizes, as they are suitable for adults as well as kids.

Lastly, the best part about werewolf Halloween costumes is that they are available in all price range. So, if you are on a budget, don’t worry, you might find something under 100$ too. Besides, online costume stores offer great discounts as well.

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