3 Tips That Will Help You Pack Your Hired Van


If you happen to be renting a van to use it to move some items around from your house, apartment, or studio, there is a big chance that you are renting because you want to save some money or work on your own time. In order to make your moving process much easier and to use the renting hours more efficiently, here are a couple of tips that will surely help you out.

Rent a size bigger than planned

One thing that makes renting vans different from renting other vehicles, is that they come in quite a lot of different sizes. If you happen to be renting from Go With The Gecko or a similar reputable company, you will definitely be offered multiple sizes when renting, and while you might think a certain size is going to be enough, going a size bigger is always going to make packing much easier.

Picking a bigger van size for more space is highly suggested while renting for moving purposes

Get boxes

A very common mistake when it comes to people doing the moving on their own by hiring a van, is that they are not using boxes to pack their items, but instead, they are either stacking them all into each other, or they are using plastic bags. Using boxes will easily allow you to pack things into the van without making a mess, and you can also keep things organized without any issues.

By writing what you have, or simply attaching a printed list on the box so you can know exactly what is inside of it is definitely going to make unpacking much easier, which is usually what takes much longer than packing, and shortening the time of unpacking by making things organized is going to save you some time on your renting hours.

Pack before renting

If you happen to pack everything into the boxes before you decide to pick up your van and start the clock on your renting hours, things are definitely going to go much faster as you will not have a van just being idle on your porch while you are packing things up and slowly inserting them into the van one by one.

By pre-packing, you will get the most out of your https://gowiththegecko.com.au/interstate-van-hire/ or other renting services, especially if you call some friends over to just quickly help you with packing and inserting the items into the van. If the van is big enough, your friends can also come along and help you unpack as well.

Pack your boxes before you decide to rent a van

Final Word

Planning is quite important if you are planning to shave off some time on your renting services. It is often a good idea to book a rental van on a certain day and time that you can just pick it up once you are ready, and usually all trusted and honorable providers will offer that option.

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