The cardiovascular field goes innovative


Today every single aspect of modern medicine is being redefined by the rise of technological advancements which are propelling the industry into the future at a rate never before seen.  From blockchain to artificial intelligence, and everything in between, the entire healthcare industry is being reimagined and transformed from within.

Among all disciplines within healthcare, none is more disrupted than cardiology. The heart surgeons are the experts who diagnose and treat the conditions of the heart, chest, and lungs with the help of surgery. More than 4000 surgeries a year are being done in America alone. And with the rise of emerging technologies, each surgery is becoming safer, more predictable and more successful.

The team of doctors goes professional

Cardiovascular surgeons give individual care to all the patients. They make sure that you get the right treatment at the right time. These experts handle even the most complex health conditions. It may be a transplant or it may be about getting a new heart, they give the right treatment and do that will great skills. This surgery is also provided to small children. There are pediatric surgeons who will perform this surgery for the children.

The father of technology makes the way

The field of cardiology is developing and growing day by day and there are many changes that have taken place. According to Dr. Simon Stertzer this field is ever growing and never-ending. Dr. Simon H. Stertzer is Professor at Stanford University and he has great devotion in this field.  He has also performed the very first balloon angioplasty in the United States. According to Simon Stertzer, the cardiology field has evolved tremendously over the last half a century:

‘We are now able to reduce heart attack, cancer, and other chronic diseases to a greater extent than in the previous century, the older population is now living long enough to develop heart failure.”

To a large extent, the biggest factors driving improvement in overall cardiology are the advancements in technology. From leveraging big data to predict and treat cardiovascular diseases to artificial intelligence that’s leveraged in predicting treatment plans for people suffering from chronic diseases, to healthcare gamified apps encouraging patients to exercise more and live healthier lives, there’s no question that that cardiology, as a discipline, has gone a long way, in the right direction.

More about the cardiology

Cardiovascular diseases are some of the most complicated medical conditions out there today. Big data is a very general term that is used for the process of the checking of complex data that is set to get the perfect insights that can be used when trying to get a right solution to cardiology-related problems. Big data can also be used to prevent cardiovascular diseases from happening via early diagnoses. Big data models can make a prediction about the chances that a person will develop a cardiovascular disease by checking the health condition.

Big data, of course, is just one of the latest trends impacting cardiology. Many global pharma companies are hedging their bets that emerging technologies can redefine how we detect, treat and cure cardiovascular diseases. For example, in recent times, companies like Verge Genomics and Health have received tens of millions of dollars in new funding to define programmatic ways to detect cardiovascular diseases.

One thing is for sure. 2019 will be an amazing year for cardiology. With the advancements of emerging technologies, we are bound to see new innovations hitting the market which will ultimately improve people’s quality of life, save lives and help everyone change their lifestyle to live & enjoy life longer.

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