Basics of Mild Steel Flange


What is a flange?

A flange is nothing but a forged still ring. It Helping different mechanical sections of a pipe to stay connected, a flange is one of the most indispensable equipment in piping. It is often used to connect a pipe to a pump or a pressure vessel.  Because of being made with steel, it is extremely easy to clean or inspect the flanges. Different forms in which flanges are available today include round, square, and rectangular. The bolting process is used to join two flanges together. Once two flanges are joined, they are welded to the piping system, as per requirement. A flange is often used for the purpose of either closing or covering the pipe end. The importance of flanges in supporting mechanical parts is next to none.

How to know more about Mild Steel Flange?

Flanges are made with different materials like carbon steel, alloy steel, mild steel, etc. for different purposes. MS Flanges are often used for resisting pressure which is often high. This kind of flanges are often offered in different finishes including hot dip galvanized finish, blackbodies finish, shot blasted, rust free oil finish, and so on. High-quality MS flanges are perfect to be used as water-proof seals to the end of a pipe. Plus, these flanges are pretty resistant to corrosion.

Which industries use MS Flanges?

Due to its ability to hold pressure and resist corrosion, MS Flanges are widely used across industries. Some of these industries include petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, sea water, power generation, gas processing, chemical equipment, etc.

What are the important measurements for buying MS flanges?

Some of the most important ms flange measurements are given below. You should always remember these while purchasing one.

  • Pipe Size: Every pipe size has a corresponding pipe flange size. These measurements are calculated according to accepted standards. So, make sure that you remember the pipe size to get the perfect-sized flange.
  • Flange Thickness: Flange thickness is nothing but the thickness of the outer rim of a flange. While measuring flange thickness, you are not supposed to count the part that holds the pipe.
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: PCD or Pitch Circle Diameter is the measurement between the center of a bolt hole to the same of the opposite bolt hole.
  • Outside Diameter of Flange (OD): OD or Outside Diameter is the length between the outer edge and the edge opposite to it.

Is it possible to have MS flanges in custom shapes?

Most of the manufacturers out there will offer MS Flanges in custom shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for popular ranges or not, ms flanges can be customized as per your requirement. Detailing in the flanges can be manufactured according to your choices as well. Reputed companies will provide you with details like gasket surfaces, bevel edges, o-ring grooves, and much more.

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