Joe Cianciotto Discusses the Importance of Digital Marketing


An incredible paradigm shift from the typical analog system to the digital format has been observed around the planet over the last decade or so. As a large number of people have access to internet now and spend a good amount of their time online, digital marketing has emerged as a great way for businesses to reach their targeted customers. Joe Cianciotto mentions that in the modern world, digital marketing would be the most effective way for a business to expand its market reach and magnetize new consumers. Mr. Cianciotto is a New York based advertising professional, and has worked in the position of a chief digital officer as well.

Joe Cianciotto talks about how digital marketing can help a business to flourish and grow

Having a good Digital Marketing Strategy has become extremely important for any contemporary organization, no matter its size and scale. Digital marketing plays a major role in enabling businesses to attract new customers, as well as retain their current ones.  Joe Cianciotto has served in the role of a Chief Digital Officer for several years and hence is quite well-versed with the important aspects of digital marketing. According to him, there are several reasons why good digital marketing is important for contemporary businesses. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Digital marketing is known to have a much superior conversion rate in comparison to the traditional marketing methods. In case of digital marketing, conversion rates can be measured with ease on a real-time basis. The conversion rate basically implies to the percentage of the target audience who get converted into leads and end up ultimately purchasing the relevant product or service. Email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO are especially some of the methods that have quite a commendable conversion rate.
  • The system of digital marketing enables entrepreneurs to reach out to numerous prospective customers at the same time in a highly cost-effective fashion. As per certain reliable reports, businesses are able to enjoy much better Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) in case of digital marketing, as opposed to various other types of marketing channels.
  • While earlier people thought that digital marketing is only appropriate for only large corporations and multinational firms, so is not the case. In fact, digital marketing provides small and medium scale firms with a great opportunity to expand their market reach and compete with established enterprises. This new-age marketing system makes various sales and marketing resources available to small firms, which were previously only used by large corporates. Many professionals belonging to the digital marketing field, including Joe Cianciotto try to offer their services to small and mid-sized clients in a holistic fashion.
  • Due to the high conversion rates generated with the help of the digital marketing system, it ultimately enables companies to enjoy much higher revenues. Many reports suggest that by using digital marketing techniques, small and medium firms can double the chances of expanding their business prospects and workforce while enjoying superior revenue growth expectancy.

The system of digital marketing has especially become popular among businesses present in large urban centers, such as New York. Joe Cianciotto has over the years worked alongside many companies in New York who use digital marketing strategies to grow their business.

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