Essential Tips To Remember When Choosing The Best Bar Stools For Yourself


Buying the perfect bar stool is often the final step in perfectly completing your home bar. Having the right bar stool can help it easily blend-in seamlessly with the rest of your room’s furniture – matching the style and providing the right amount of seating height as well. Furthermore, they also keep your guests comfortable ensuring that they spend more time at your place without you even insisting with them. Such is the power of a good bar stool.

In the current market, there are multiple options when it comes to purchasing bar stools, with the help of wooden bar stools in Auckland such as Luxe Living. But before you decide to take the final plunge, it’s suggested that you go through the following recommended tips so that you’ll be able to spend your money efficiently.

Important Tips & Tricks Before Selecting Your Fantastic Bar Stool

1.Know Your Counter Height

In case you’re not opting for bar stools having adjustable height, then you need to select your bar stools in such a manner that they match the height of your bar. This will help you as well as your guests to sit comfortably, grab drinks easily and rest arms on the counter. If you have a standard bar height then you can safely go ahead with bar height stools. But, if your bar is a kitchen counter and you feel that these stools are too tall for the same, then you can opt for counter stools instead.

It should be noted that shorter stools are quite uncommon for home bars unless you’re buying one for the kids. The best way to remove any misjudgements is to measure the distance between the floor and countertop and take the measurement as a baseline for your bar stool selection.

2.Matching The Stool To Your Style

By choosing a bar stool that fits along with the style of your home ensures that your home bar has a cohesive addition and each furniture of the room naturally flows into the other one. It should be known that bar stools are generally made from wood and thereby fit well into most rustic home interiors. Metal or plastic ones match better with home interiors having contemporary styling.

3.Research For Convenient Features

Sometimes simple features can make all the difference and make your life more smooth and efficient. For example, bar stools with adjustable height can accommodate guests of any height. Similarly, bar stools with foot-rest add a nice touch, ensuring that you as well as your guests’ feet don’t get strained when sitting for extended periods.

Moreover, there are swivelling bar stools as well for better accessibility.

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