Things That Has Made Canada Popular All Around The World


Canada, the second-largest country in the world by area, is undeniably filled with picturesque landscapes and most polite people. It is surrounded by the ocean (Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean) from three sides and shares land borders with the US. The country has two official languages: Canadian English, French. Canada is famous for having the largest coastlines and a cosmopolitan environment. When it comes to education in Canada for International Students, Canada is considered to be the best choice due to the availability of numerous high ranking colleges in Canada. Other than that, it is also popular for having many travel destinations, being a safe place to live in, Canada’s culture and many more. We have jotted down some of the famous things about Canada.

International Education Hub

The colleges in Canada offers high-quality education that can easily compete with the Ivy League Universities in the US and Britain. You don’t have to pay a big sum of money for acquiring a degree in Canada. The government of Canada and the colleges in Canada offer many scholarships and fundings to international students as well as native Canadian students. In fact, education until high school is free for Canadian citizens.

Regarding the education quality, colleges in Canada have several programs designed for students such as high-quality education from experienced teachers, internships, personal and professional development programs, research and many more. Colleges in Canada also offer fundings to highly passionate students on their research. It is one of the reasons why many international students these days prefer colleges in Canada over other countries. In fact, the country is now popular as an international education hub among students. The country has been receiving international students from different countries all around the world.

Ice Hockey and Polar Bears

Canada is widely famous for ice hockey, national winter sports in Canada. Most of the people in Canada play ice hockey or at least watch hockey sport at home. The country has won several champions trophy of the National Hockey League.

Canada is also famous for Polar Bear. You can find polar bears in the streets of Churchill. You can see many polar bear alerts signboard around the town making new people aware of bear sightings. Sometimes you get scared when you are face-to-face with white polar bears. You read that right. Many people in Churchill have a baby polar bear as their pet as well.

Maple Syrup Production

You can find many maple trees almost in every corner of Canada. Even the flag of Canada has the symbol of a maple leaf. Canada produces around 80% of the world’s best maple syrup and this maple syrup production has been running since the time of the historical era in Canada. There are over 5,000 companies in Canada producing maple syrups. Canada earns more than a billion dollars from the global supply of maple syrup every year. The fluid of maple is collected and reduced to make maple syrup. You can find Canadians eat maple syrups with pancakes during morning breakfast.

Summer Vacation Travel Destination

Canada has amazing places for vacation tours. The places in Canada have been attracting many tourists all around the world. Ontario, one of the cities in Canada, has one-third of the freshwater. Nigeria Falls in Ontario is historically popular as a honeymoon destination. It is a must-see waterfall during your stay in Canada. The main reason for attraction to Nigeria Falls is Canada is the vantage point to see the world-famous stunning waterfalls. In addition to that, a beautiful place has many more things to offer.

Similarly, there are places in Canada where you can find several oceanside locations, sandy beaches, Canadian historic architecture, rugged shoreline and many more. The beauty of Canada is even shot in some of the world-wide famous films such as Twilight, Blades of Glory, Titanic, Unforgiven and the list goes on. You can visit popular cities in Canada like Vancouver, Ontario, Ottawa, Quebec, and so on. You will be surprised to find that Canada has lot more travel destinations.

The places in Canada are also popular for building strong connections with nature and getting lost in its beauty. The country has about three million lakes among which few are considered to be world-famous lakes. Every year more than thousands of tourists enter Canada to enjoy these spectacular lakes and enjoy the vibrant environment the place offers. Lake Moraine and Lake Louise are one of the most popular photography destinations. If you love water sports, Canada can be the best place to experience the adrenaline rush and thrills in nature.

Furthermore, Canada also has many popular national parks. Some of the famous national parks in Canada are Thousand Island National Park, Banff National Park, Terra Nova National park, Jasper National Park, Glacier National Park, Tukut Nogait National park, and so on. When you visit Banff National Park, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Louise. It also has famous ski resorts in Canada.

Northern Lights

The northern side of Canada falls within the auroral oval where you will get to see beautiful colors dancing in the sky. These beautiful colored lights on the sky are called Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. These lights appear in the sky when electrically charged particles enter into the earth’s atmosphere.

Many people from around the world travel to Canada especially during holiday seasons to see a glimpse of different colors such as red, yellow, purple, and many more on the sky. You can see these lights from other different countries such as the USA, Finland, Russia, Greenland and so on. However, Canada is the most famous country to watch these lights. The best places in Canada to see Aurora Borealis are Kuujjuaq in Quebec, Edmonton in Alberta, Whitehorse in the Yukon, Yellowknife and Churchill in Manitoba. We suggest the ideal time to see the Northern lights is during the dark nights and cold.

Amazing places for Road Trippers

Canada has many extensive coastlines that seem like they are made for road tripping. You can enjoy the several stunning rides that take you to Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. We suggest you go for Viking Trail in Newfoundland, Icefields Parkway in Alberta and Regina to Saskatoon in Saskatchewan.

Cosmpolitan environment

You will find people in Canada speak multiple languages especially those people who have been brought up in a multicultural environment at home. That being said, it would be no surprise for you even if you meet people speaking Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian, Danish and so on in Canada. The advantage of sharing a cosmopolitan environment is you are introduced to numerous cultures and traditions that you have not even heard of.

We hope you get to know about some of the interesting things about Canada. And, this piece of information will help you to know Canada more, before you go to Canada, for immigration, travel or study.

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