Handy Gives You Secret Combinations on Your Keyboard That You Can Use



There are many shortcuts on a keyboard that you can use while working on your computer. Almost everybody knows the popular key combination of Ctrl + V that allows you to paste information that you have copied previously. In the same way, there are a number of keyboard combinations that will certainly help you to save a lot of time. According to Handy, if you know a few secret combinations of your keyboard it can help you to work faster and become more productive.

The Secret Combinations

Here are some secret combinations on your keyboard that you can use:

  1. Windows key + D key or Windows key + M key – Sometimes, you may want to minimize all your opened documents at once and see something that is there on your desktop. It would take a lot of time to minimize every single document one by one. Instead of using that approach, you can simply press the Windows key + D or Windows key + M to minimize all your documents at once. This will save you a lot of time.
  2. Windows key + E key – Sometimes, we need to open ‘My Computer’ and browse the system or access any file files, folder, or application. In general, people either type My Computer on the search option or look for My Computer icon on the desktop. But it takes more time compared to directly pressing the Windows key + E together to directly open the ‘My computer of your PC or laptop.
  3. Windows key + L key – Maintaining security is very essential when you work on the PC. When you use a combination of Windows key and L key it will change the current logged in user to the screen where you will be able to log in to another user. However, if only a single user uses the PC then pressing these key combinations will automatically lock the workstation. This will certainly help you to maintain your privacy while working on the PC.
  4. Windows key + R key – When you need to open the ‘Run Dialogue Box’ you usually go to the program and search for Run option or look for the Windows icon. But instead, if you directly press the Window key and R key the ‘Run Dialogue Box’ will open automatically.
  5. Ctrl Key + Shift Key + Tkey – Sometimes, while browsing the Internet you may accidentally close a tab. In such a case, you have to go to the ‘History’ option and then reopen the tab that got closed accidentally. But instead, if you press the combination of Ctrl key + Shift key + T Key together then the tab that gets closed will reopen again automatically.If you continue to press this combination of keys, you can reopen all previously closed tabs during a single chrome session.


According to Handy, most people are only familiar with the Ctrl +V and Ctrl + C key for doing copy and paste functions. While it can be very helpful, learning some other keyboard shortcuts can improve your user experience while working on your PC or laptop even more.

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