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Google is like a honeycomb of portals which can lead you to some of the best and absurd places on the internet. Reviews believe that our anonymity gets further diluted as we increase our online presence and reliance on the internet. You may search for solutions for a problem on google that leads to results that underplay or you may come across mind-numbing pictures that can make you vomit. But a few searches stand out due to their severity and here’s a list of things you should never Google:

The Things

1 Online Banking Websites – You’ve got the name of your bank and you’ve got a computer. You don’t know the URL for the online banking website of your bank. The next obvious step is to search for that website on google, right? Absolutely not!

Hackers create phishing websites that may have domain names extremely similar to the domain name of the real website. If you land on the phishing website and fill in crucial financial details, chances of you getting hacked increases tremendously. A safer alternative would be to directly ask your bank for their official website.

2 Medicine based on symptoms – Google is a brilliant search engine, but it isn’t perfect and certainly doesn’t hold a medical degree. If you search for medicines based on your symptoms, you may use something that doesn’t work to curb your disease and in the worst case makes it more severe.

Instead of a DIY diagnosis from Google, it is better to visit the doctor.

3 Android Applications – Android allows for plenty of customizations and it is great for those who go through the forums, know about the reputation of off-market developers and trustworthy platforms other than the Google Play Store.

However, if you don’t know about those things, searching for an android app on google can lead you to misleading results. For instance, there are numerous platforms that thrive on providing pirated versions of premium apps. But nothing comes for free and the cost may be a bombardment of ads when you visit those websites or sinister hackers who have uploaded modified applications on those platforms.

These apps may look like the real thing but programmed to take control of certain parts of your operating system or spy on you in the background. It is better to stick to the official apps that you can download from the Play Store.

4 Financial Advice – Investing your money is a big decision. So, you should always take opinions and advice from reputed financial advisers. Google searches for financial advice may direct you towards dishonest individuals who want to scam you of your hard-earned money or ill-informed individuals who may not be capable enough to predict or keep up with changing market conditions.


Web.com Reviews suggests that you keep the above-mentioned things out of your search history. Google is an incredible and indispensable tool in the modern age. However, it is also a wormhole to plenty of unreliable and dangerous places on the internet.

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