Matthew Davies Looks at Signs Your Love Will Last a Lifetime



Being with the right person is like a heavenly experience. Not everyone is lucky to have found their soulmate in their partner. Good relationships make life easy and much more worth living. Matthew Davies explores the signs that indicate that your love will last life lifetime.

The Signs

  1. Your partner is your best friend – In case of any joy or sorrow, if your partner is the first person you would want to tell, then you are with the right person. It becomes all the easier if you want to tell them something went wrong because of your fault. If you do not trust your partner enough, you will refrain from talking about your own faults or failures fearing that they would make you feel even more guilty and miserable than you already are.
  2. Your partner figures but also forgets – It is human to make mistakes. But if you are always viewed in that lens by your partner and made to realize your shortness of vision, it becomes frustrating and demoralizing. If your partner cares enough for you, they will move past those mistakes and view you with a renewed trust. To forgive is great but to forget and never make any mention of it is divine.
  3. Your partner doesn’t expect you to change overnight – We all have our share of flaws in our attitude and behavior. True love can only be manifested when you accept the flaws of your partner and motivate them to change for the better rather than criticizing for the same. No person can change overnight and if your partner cares for you, they would be willing to help you work through your quirks.
  4. Your partner seeks your help – When there is a genuine camaraderie between the two of you, you do not feel shy in seeking the help of your partner. Without saying anything, you have conveyed certain respect for them which says you can do it better than me or you have more experience or talent than me to complete this work. The level of respect is incredibly powerful in any relationship and it is as much required as love for a great bond.
  5. Your partner is genuinely happy for you for your accomplishments – The right person in your life will be genuinely thrilled by your success and not feel overshadowed or any lesser. If your partner believes that their happiness stems from your happiness, then you can be sure that your love would there forever. They not only celebrate your success but help you achieve it and also makes a genuine endeavor to guide you correctly. Making sacrifices on their end is done willingly rather than begrudgingly.


The right person in your life has the capacity to catapult your life towards success. Life becomes so much better, easier, and lovelier with them. Matthew Davies feels that if you have found the right person, try to be the right person for them too to allow the mutual love to blossom forever.

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