Is your cab driver playing with your company’s reputation?


The use of cab services in India have increased over the past few years where large segment of population prefer to travel by them. Traffic, easy accessibility, and cost are just few of the reasons for the amplified used of these app-based cabs.

Though they are comfortable but safety of people travelling within them always remain a question. With unfortunate news of abuses, harassment and rapes , these cabs have tarnished their image and people now carry a fear before they select it as a mode of transportation.

One of the news that recently came into highlight was of a woman in Bengaluru,where she was left deserted on a road during midnight by the cab driver. In another incident, a lady was murdered in Kolkata by the cab driver.

Just to avoid such situation, companies are ready to adopt any precautionary measure’sthat could void such incidences in their cab’s.

One solution is to install GPS trackers to their cabs but this can only track the vehicle what about what is happening in the cab?

If any such incident happens in your vehicle it will, obviously, put your company’s name to jeopardy and will affect your business big time.

This can be curbed and will help you understand who is at fault with the best car camera in India called KENT CamEye. It is a next-gen car camera that has dual cameras to record everything that happens inside and outside the car.

Below are some of the features of KENT CamEye that help you fighting situations that are mentioned above.

Dual Camera- The device has the night-vision enabled HD camera that automatically records time-lapse videos of both the views when the car is in motion. This feature helps you in monitoring the driver’s behaviour.

Live Video Streaming- KENT CamEye allows you to watch live video streaming from any of the cameras accessible from anywhere in the world. This will help you keep a constant check on your cab and will let you know exactly what is happening in it especially during odd hours.

Secure Cloud Storage- Whatever is recorded on the device gets uploaded on the secured cloud storage in real-time through 4G and is accessible for up to 90 days.

GPS tracker- The device has built-in GPS tracker that enables you to track your cab and monitor the live location via the app on your smartphone.  The user can see easy playback of the route travelled by car on the map.

Intelligence Alerts-The device has integrated accelerometer, temperature sensor, light sensor, and noise level sensor, Cam Eye sends AI-based alerts on the linked phone in case of a breach by the driver. For instance, it can send alerts for the vehicle over-speeding, engine idle, AC-on in the parked state, reboot attempt and so on. Interestingly, the alerts can be customized as per the owner’s preference.

Unknown Driver Detection –This feature generates an unknown driver detection alert if an unknown person is on the driving seat.  As a owner of the device, all you have to do is to white list the faces of known drivers in the KENT Cam Eye app.

Trip Analytics- This feature enables the user to get analytical insights for specific duration.  It has a dashboard that shows the summary of number of trips, total distance, total duration, maximum speed, average speed, total alerts, total engine idle time and average distance per day.

The device is available on Amazon and can be bought at a price of Rs.17999 and comes with 3 months of free subscription. To book a free demo you can simply call 9582612345 and sharing your details. One of the company’s representatives will call you to book a preferred time for demo with you.

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