Top 4 Safety Factors Parents Should Consider When Opting for Baby Swimming Lessons


Many parents want to take their babies for swimming lessons before they can even walk properly on their own. After all, these adults feel that swimming is an essential life-skill which all children should know from a young age. It can save their lives from drowning. Unfortunately, these parents are not sure whether it is a good idea to take their babies to infant swimming classes as they have concerns for their safety. Experts say it is safe for babies to enter a swimming pool from birth. Parents need to remember that babies cannot regulate their body temperature, unlike adults. They should ensure their newborns do catch an infection or cold while in the water.

What should parents consider when taking their newborns to baby swimming lessons?

The experts state that parents should consider the following four safety factors when introducing their babies to swimming lessons:

1 Newborns should be within arm’s length of their parents while in the pool

Parents should always keep their babies within arm’s length when they are in the pools. They need to remember that a newborn can drown even if the water level is just 5 cm. Even when using floating aids, the parents need to ensure their babies do not tip over and go underwater.

2 Take lessons of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

Parents should first take lessons to learn how to give cardio-pulmonary resuscitation to their newborns in case of emergencies. This is a popular technique to revive unconscious people, including young children.  Only then should they consider introducing them to baby swimming lessons. These parents should also be aware of the signs their child is about to drown. This can enable them to call for a timely help to avert a major tragedy.

3 Qualified and experienced instructors

Parents should take their babies to a swimming pool where there are plenty of qualified and experienced instructors. These experts should have adequate knowledge and skills to monitor children of ages in the water, including newborns. If the need arises, the instructors should enforce adequate disciplinary measures to ensure the safety of all kids in the pool. The professionals should also know how to react instantly when they see a child is about to drown.

4 Take a step to prevent pool-borne infections

While in the pool, all children, including newborns, occasionally swallowing the water. The swimming pool where parents take their babies should be regularly disinfected by the authorities. This ensures that their children do not end up suffering from pool-borne infections. Moreover, the parent should also see that water in the pool does not have high chlorine content. Otherwise, their babies may suffer from severe skin rashes.

Parents will find that taking their newborns to baby swimming lessons can be fun. Their babies will love the water and learn simple strokes in no time. While in the pool, parents should always keep their babies in arm’s length. They should learn how to revive an unconscious individual through cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and ensure the swimming pool has qualified instructors. Moreover, they should make sure the pool is disinfected regularly. Only then can they ensure their babies have a wonderful time in the swimming pool and

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