Productive Professionals – Our Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Serviced Office


Renting office space in the Philippines is not even an issue in today’s tech-savvy office solutions. Tech innovations have transformed the conventional office of previous eras into a number of formats making leasing much easier and affordable. Furthermore, these alternative formats can even be used to promote business growth, namely the serviced office.

Those leasing space through the many serviced office providers have completed the most of the work in just renting the space. Much of the work is done because the leasing company fits out the business with office space, furnishings, office equipment, and IT services. While not a new concept, renters really can maximise their office rental in a number of ways.

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can maximise your serviced office and become even more productive.


One of the best ways to get the most from your serviced office is to go with larger office providers and for a number of reasons. An office provider with a number of offices around the country and the world can give you access to office space internationally. On the surface, this might not seem to be of import, but when you are traveling to other locations, easily accessing conference rooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms can make a business run smoother.

For one, you avoid having to search for appropriate space to hold presentations and meetings. In fact, some of these leases include a limited number of opportunities to use these spaces. Larger corporations, while slightly expensive, can provide you with more options as you travel around the world.


Another way that businesses can really take advantage of the many benefits of the serviced office is by looking at ways to grow into other plans. For example, many start-ups see the co-working and virtual offices as budget-friendly alternatives to conventional office leasing, which can be extremely expensive. Some of the better-serviced office formats will provide businesses with opportunities to modify their leases as their businesses grows.

For example, let’s say your business begins with the virtual office fit out through a serviced office company. However, with hustle and grit, you are able to not only build a consistent client base but you can also reasonably hire an office assistant. Furthermore, you need more space as you find your virtual office space only can accommodate the use of private offices on a limited basis. Your serviced provider can give you a plan that will not only move you into an executive suite or a fully furnished office, and as opposed to taking months to complete, you can move into your new space within weeks.


Your serviced office plan usually comes with a number of amenities that can assist your business as it grows. Technology is one of these amenities, more specifically media technology. In addition becoming comfortable with online formats (social media and file sharing apps), use media to promote your business. Much of getting the word out regarding your business involves public relations, and media can assist you with connecting with your public and promoting your business.

Additionally, take advantage of any online marketing tools that can help your business predict the best ways to advertise your product or service to the public. With online metrics being a huge part of advertising to the public, use the IT technologies available to you to get more visibility. All of this can be done by building relationships with the guys in IT.

Take Your Business Platform Up A Notch

Maximise your business’s platform by looking at creative ways for using your serviced office. Because these plans are typically flexible, you can leverage any promotional, advertising and marketing campaigns through the office. Finally, do not be afraid to go with an international company that might be a little pricier but can offer you the flexibility to move around with ease.

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