Rules of Fantasy Cricket


Fantasy cricket adds the much-needed excitement and fun to your life. Fantasy cricket provides you with the feel of action in real cricket with no physical efforts. All you have to do is form a team with 11 players from the group of at least 25-30 players as in real cricket. Based how your chosen players perform, you will get points accordingly. The points will depend upon on runs scored, wickets taken, catches caught by your team players and it is then compared with other players in a live match.

In order to provide you with the best experience, there are different ranges of format that you can select which suits you the most. The fantasy cricket can be played from any device such as mobile phones, laptops etc. Basically, there are two styles in which fantasy cricket is played, i.e. paid or free. Its depends upon your choice how you want to play and choose accordingly.

The first step in starting your journey in fantasy cricket league is picking up the required players which must include batsmen, wicketkeeper, bowlers, all-rounder so that you have a solid team. Among these players, you must have one captain and other vice -captain selected.

It has been seen that the popularity of cricket fantasy league has multiplied. This is because:

  • You are in control of your team. You have the control who will be in your team and who will be appointed as captain and vice-captain. You are the one who is handling the game and if you are able to select the best team and they perform in a live match, you can earn huge amount of money.
  • The engrossing feeling fantasy cricket provides you with it is inexpressible. Indian cricket league such as IPL is known for providing the entertainment. The adrenaline rush is high as the matches are very exciting, which makes you so much involved through fantasy league game.
  • These cricket fantasy leagues are not mere time pass. It provides you with the opportunity of earning extra cash by playing it paid mode. This gives you the feeling of victory when your team performs. And once you become expert, there is no stopping you.
  • One can use their knowledge and strategic thinking skills related to cricket by forming their own team, predicting who will perform etc. gives the sense of belonginess to the ones playing these fantasy cricket league.

This experience can be gained through various IPL fantasy prediction app download. You will get exposed to the world of cricket fantasy league through these apps. Cricket fantasy is gaining more popularity because we all know cricket is a religion in India, and when it could also be used for earning money, it feels like the cherry on the cake. All you need is to follow the certain steps and you are good to go, start your journey on the cricket fantasy league and you will never regret it. These steps are:

  • Register or log in to best app for fantasy IPL league.
  • Select the match for which you would like to form the team of 11 players and then click on join now.
  • Create your fantasy team of 11 players which have certain rules :
  • The minimum number of batsmen that can be included in team is 3 while it should not exceed more than 6. Selection of batsmen depends upon the pitch. One must select the batsmen which are good form by looking into their previous records.
  • Similarly, in case of bowlers, minimum number required is 3 and that of maximum number is 6. Its selection also depends upon pitch. Trying avoiding going for part time bowler to earn more.
  • For all-rounders, the minimum number is 3 and maximum is 4. All-rounder is one who can both bat and bowl. Choose accordingly.
  • With respect to wicketkeeper, minimum is 1 and that of maximum is 4. They are interesting player as they bat also. Go for the one who is good in batting and keeping and gets a chance to bat too.

It is to be noted that you are manage the team of 11 players within these given limits. You have to use the strategic skills so that you have the best combination of players in order to earn.

  • The budget should not exceed 1000 gems for your initial squad.
  • The most important thing is one is required to understand is you don’t have to select all the players from one team only, in fact you have to select the players from both the team and choose your best 11. You can select up to 7 players from single team. This is the biggest benefit of fantasy league.
  • After selecting your team of 11 players, now select the captain, vice-captain and stars players. Star player and captain can change the entire game for you. Star players get 2 times the scored whereas captain gets 1.5 times the score. Select your star player and captain on the basis of pitch. If the pitch is good for batting, then select batsmen as your star player and vice versa. Take your decision after proper understanding the game properly and all the facts.
  • Once the live match starts, your fantasy cricket also starts. No changes in the team are allowed once the match has started. The fantasy squad starts earning point which depends upon on the actual performances of players in live match that you selected in your fantasy squad.
  • Final points, rankings and winners are declared only when the live match ends. No further adjustments are made in the final decision as all the information is provided by reliable source.

These are the rules and guidelines that one needs to follow to perform well in fantasy cricket league. You can choose any format where you wish to form team by following these rules. All one need is the use of cricketing knowledge and tactics to earn and grow in these games. And in a country like India, where everyone is obsessed with cricket, it will be good platform to earn money and enjoy yourself.

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