The Practice of the DJ: With The Right Wedding Arrangement


If there is one place where all the generations meet, it is in a marriage, and then everything must be thought out for the sake of eclecticism to satisfy everyone. This is especially true for music, your DJ who may be the same person as your emcee should know your musical tastes taking into account the age and style of your guests.

It’s up to you to decide if you want traditional music for the events that punctuate the evening: the entrance of the bride and groom, the launch of the bouquet, the arrival of the show, the opening dance. If you don’t have no specific ideas, the DJ must guide you. Also don’t forget to hire the Toronto Wedding Limo.

You need to find someone who can listen to you to advise you without imposing their vision on you. It is essential that he has a broad general knowledge of music and that he is technically experienced. Do not improvise a DJ who wants, it is about knowing how to build musical coherence, take care of transitions and speak without ever monopolizing the microphone.

Music, make according to your tastes and those of your guests

Music remains the essential element to ensure a beautiful atmosphere throughout the wedding evening. Whether you choose to hire a professional DJ or not, you will need to ensure that the music is not only adopted to the circumstances of the evening, but also that it satisfies each of your guests, from the youngest to the most.

Most often, we recommend soft music, such as Jazz or the lounge during the meal, or during the reception, to reserve the more lively music, on the dance floor and the festive atmosphere of the wedding party.

Audio equipment

It is of course essential that all the material is of irreproachable quality. It is intolerable to spend an evening with microphones that scratch your ears without you understanding a word of what the announcer is saying.

  • You are not in a nightclub, the sound should be moderate. Too often we see dinners during which the guests end up not talking to each other by dint of having shouted to be heard above the sound level of the music.
  • A professional DJ has his own equipment whose functioning and limits he knows like the back of his hand, this is the best guarantee for quality music , whether in the background or in the foreground for the dance party.

The light atmosphere

Here again, this is an essential element and, for a truly extraordinary evening, you need professional quality equipment that you must know how to use. Lighting is the first element that creates an atmosphere. As soon as you enter a place, it is the light that tells you about its atmosphere.

A chic and modern wedding evening, an experienced dj

With professional lighting, you will enhance the decoration of the room by playing on the intensity and the colors. There are then all kinds of light effects to enhance the highlights of your evening. You can choose to simulate a fireworks display using the stage jets for the arrival of the show or light effects to make the bride and groom’s first dance magical.To bring a grandiose touch, you can choose the vertical geyser which projects smoke for an absolutely spectacular effect.

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